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Mavim, Book 2: Alphas of the Blood — Riotous, Breath-stealing Fun and Spaceships!

She called out to him through time and space…an impossible dream…a hopeful imagining. Having heard her plea, he would not stop until he’d claimed her.

Mavim aches for the woman he left behind on Sanguinoss. She was a princess, a member of the royal family of elite vamps. His Amante…his love. Though he dreams of her every night, and pines for her every single day, he knows he cannot have her. He believes her dead.

But when Mavim intercepts the ghost of a communication from his lovely Fania, a communication which was probably engaged weeks or months earlier, he realizes she might still live!

Can Mavim find the only woman he’s ever loved and save her from an evil nemesis who covets her for his own and will stop at nothing to have her? Or will he finally look into his lover’s eyes…touch her satin skin…only to feel her slip from his grasp all over again?
Mavim was a fantatic follow up to the first Sangui book, but it is a great stand-alone read too. From the moment I began reading, I was hooked. This book was so good, I couldn’t put it down. If you love sci-fi, adventure, alphas, or just a great love story with some action mixed in, then I suggest you buy this book. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!
~5 Stars by Z. Shaw

Excellent Story. True love finds each other from light years apart. The universe of the book is well-crafted and really neat. There is a previous story, which I have not yet read, but this book can be read alone. I strongly recommend.
~5 Stars by DR


“Majesty, we’ve intercepted the pulse of a Sangui ship moving into our airspace.”

At the servant’s announcement, Fania started to turn from the orange glow pulsing in the distant sky…the only remaining view of her beloved home planet, Sanguinoss. She caught herself though and forced her gaze back to the distant sky, feigning disinterest. Her gaze riveted on the glass panel overlooking the Gleschution main city of Wallow, she was nonetheless blind to the world beyond the dense, pitted glass. Instead, she watched a reflection of the slender humanoid Gleschution, one of the high master’s hundreds of servants, approach and drop to one knee.

Amduark’s head turned in Fania’s direction, its exact expression lost to the pitted and uneven quality of the glass. Everything on the disgusting planet was pitted and worn. The buildings in Wallow were continually being reformed and resurfaced, their outer layers constantly eaten away by the acidic atmosphere.

Amduark shifted in his chair. “Have you hailed them?”

The servant remained on one knee, head bowed. Amduark hadn’t yet released him, and rising before release would mean the immediate loss of his head. “Commander Owat has sent several warnings. The only response is static and nonsense. The ship is moving erratically, looking as if it is unmanned.”

Amduark’s chair creaked ominously as he stood. The delicately ornate chair, stolen from her parents’ castle on Sanguinoss, had not been made for a Gleschute form. Gleschutions were dense and heavy in a world where density was the only assurance of remaining connected to the rough, rocky ground. He walked toward Fania and she stiffened, despite her resolve to remain disinterested. The news of the faltering ship had caused her pulse to soar. If there were Sangui on board and they were injured…

Amduark placed his hands on her shoulders, capturing her gaze in the bubbly reflection of the glass. “Send a regiment of my guards to the landing location and bring any living back here.” He smiled at Fania, his thin lips cruel. “Remind Owat to ring them. We wouldn’t want them to gain access to their alphas and cause trouble…would we?” He turned her around and pulled her to her feet, lifting one of her hands to his lips.

Fania’s throat vibrated in a soft growl, her fangs elongating.

But as quickly as she reached for her alpha it was battered back by the damnable ring of Gleschute gold circling her throat. It was specially designed to create a chemical barrier between a Sangui and his or her alpha.

She forced a smile and wrenched her hand from his. “I am weary. I wish to return to my rooms now.” Turning to the still kneeling servant, she inclined her head. “This one can accompany me.” When the high master hesitated, she touched the gold ring with a fingertip. “Surely you don’t fear me under the ring?”

His jaw firmed at the implied challenge. Her insinuation that he feared her. “You will wait for a guard.” He turned to the servant and growled something that brought him to his feet. With a final bow, the young servant left, closing the door behind him.

Fania tried not to panic. If she couldn’t get away…

Amduark reached out and slipped a finger along the exposed lines of her shoulders, following the neckline toward her cleavage.

She grabbed his hand before he reached the plunging neckline. She hated dressing up like a harlot for him, but it seemed the easier battle to cede when so many battles lay before her. “As I said, I wish to return to my rooms.”

She regretted the words as soon as they left her lips.

His gaze lit with heat and he wrapped an arm around her waist, dragging her close. She grimaced as the hard ridge of his cock pressed her belly. “What an excellent idea. I’ll join you there. We can celebrate the addition of more alpha blood suckers to my collection.”

Fania’s alpha roared in her chest, its rage making her skin prickle and her vision distort. She knew by the widening of the high master’s gaze that her eyes had glowed under its power. She could feel the ring’s taint etching weakness into her power but her alpha held, straining just beneath the corruption and searching for a way to break through.

Amduark dropped his hands, his alarm showing clearly on his handsome face. “How is that possible?”

She smiled, knowing that she held her power in place by sheer force of will and that, in mere seconds she would lose it to the ring’s infection. She only prayed he succumbed to her will before it failed. “I wish only to be allowed to retire to my rooms.” She let the last of her power throb in her gaze and he stepped back, nodding.

“Of course. In any event, I should go greet my new servants.” Amduark swung away and strode toward the door. He barked a guttural command to the guard standing just outside and slipped past him, suddenly all too eager to escape.

Fania collapsed into the nearest chair, the room spinning slowly around her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for the dizziness to clear.


She opened her eyes to find one of Owat’s men staring down at her, speculation running thick through his black gaze. She struggled to stand, her legs wobbly beneath her, but refused the thick, three-fingered hand he held out to her.

Lifting her chin, Fania called forth every ounce of energy she had left and strode from the room before the guard. There was no time for weakness and dithering. If her speculation was correct, a rescue party was landing somewhere on Gleschute that very moment.

And she had much to do before they arrived.



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