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New Release w/KINDLE FIRE Giveaway!!


     Welcome to today’s party! We hope you’re having a blast and finding new books and authors. I’m Tonya Kinzer and I write erotic romances that will curl your toes and burn the hard drive on your e-readers. My newest release is Dreams Do Come True, book one in my lesbian romance series, Through His Lens. Friday is release day, but I just happened to see the link live already at Amazon! I knooooow! (YOU are the first to see it live) What’s it about? Daniel is a photographer and he loves his models, just not as much as they love each other. Here’s a short excerpt for you:

Once they got into the elevator, Sandi pressed Kiera against the back wall, her tongue sweeping Kiera’s mouth as she sucked away every breath she had. Kiera laced her fingers behind Sandi’s nape, pulling her in for a deeper kiss. A moan slipped from Kiera’s throat before letting go of the fist of hair she held. Out of breath, Kiera stared into sultry hazel green eyes. “Damnit, woman…you make me wet.”

“Good, then I’m getting my message through.” Sandi trailed her hand down Kiera’s back to cup her ass and squeeze. “I can’t wait to lick you dry, slut.”

“Only for you, mistress!” Kiera unlocked the door and Sandi closed it behind them and turned the deadbolt. Kiera leaned against the kitchen doorway and watched Sandi drop her purse on the counter and grab two champagne flutes, and fill an ice bucket.

Sandi looked back at Kiera. “You’re not naked yet.”

“I can’t take my eyes off of your sexy body. Come on, let’s get the bedroom set up. I’ve got plans for you.” Kiera slapped her ass as Sandi passed in front of her.

Sandi set the ice bucket on the night stand along with the glasses. She reached for the champagne, twisted it down into the ice and turned toward Kiera, sucking in her lower lip as her gaze moved over Kiera’s body. Kiera could easily see that Sandi had also had too much to drink as she envisioned Sandi naked, her full rounded breasts with their hard dark rose nipples.
Finally Sandi took in a deep breath. “Turn around so I can unzip your dress.”

“Only if I unzip yours first. You turn around.” Sandi did and Kiera took her time moving the zipper lower until it reached her ass. Pushing the dress from her shoulders, it pooled at Sandi’s feet. “Leave it.” Kiera unhooked her bra, let it drop and hugged her lover from behind, one hand cupping a breast and the other slipped inside her thong to tickle the slight patch of pubic hair.

To celebrate the release of the new series, I’m giving away a KINDLE FIRE plus a few more prizes thrown in. Click the contest link below to get into the contest, then book mark that page so you can go back later and browse. I’m giving away wallpaper at each of my tour stops from Jan 19 through Feb 27 and those tour stops will be listed on my blog. Good luck everyone!!



  1. Laurie P says:

    Haven’t read any f/f stories yet, but this sounds really hot.

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