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It’s baaack! The Whisper of Time is re-released.

The Whisper of Time, a time travel romance novella, was published by Whisper’s Publishing a few years ago. Unfortunately, the company went out of business, leaving the book without a home. I’ve gotten the rights back and, thanks to the generosity of the publisher and the  cover artist,  also have the rights to the original cover. 
I decided to self-publish the novella. This was my first venture into do-it-yourself and I was a little nervous about it. Though this novella, as a re-release from my back list, seemed a great opportunity to try it out. It turned out to be easier than I’d imagined–and now, Taadaa! the novella will be released tomorrow at all major e-book vendors.

The story is a sweet romance set in Vermont in the 1970s. Gwynn Powell buys a farmhouse sight unseen in the Green Mountains–one of the most impulsive things she’s ever done. She finds the farmhouse is tucked away where even GPS can’t find it. There’s more though, the farm, it seems, exists in 1972, ten years before Gwynn is even born. And the mysterious neighbor, Slate, turns out to be part owner of the farm (she should have read the fine print). She’s nearly sure she knows him–and that she was in love with him. Maybe she still is.

You can pre-order the novella today or buy it tomorrow at




And you can read more about the novella on my website here–

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