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WIP On the Run – M/M PG Excerpt

MattBomer15   Another book I’m working on is On the Run. It will be the first in the Catch Me series with 4 books. Matt Bomer (left) is my muse for Aiden Moriarty, a smooth talking felon with major issues. Here is a snippet as he talks about his current situation.


Unedited Excerpt – Story is with betas

“Let me get this straight, you want me to do what?” Aiden Moriarty gripped the arms of his chair tightly. His eyes bulged in surprise. “Go against−”

“Yes, Aiden, we need you to testify against Salerno so we can suspend him from baseball indefinitely.” Garrett Engle leaned forward in his chair and folded his hands on top of his desk. “It’s the best deal for you, Aiden, or it’s time in jail for impersonating a doctor and practicing medicine without a license. Take your pick.”

Aiden closed his eyes tightly and ran his hand through his hair. “Shit. Neither, Engle. You’d ask me to do this even after I gave you all the information I had on Salerno?”

“Yes we would, Moriarty. We’ve got our game to protect.”

“I don’t give a shit. We’re talking about my hide here. Damnit!” Aiden bammed the desk in frustration and petulantly folded his arms over his chest. “What the hell, Engle? I told you him and his boys were going to kill me. You promised me a hiding place, freedom…”

“And we’ve gotten you away from the feds, haven’t we? They’re cooperating because they want free tickets to the Yankees games and the World Series. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you and neither do we.”

Aiden bit the inside of his jaw and darted his eyes from left to right. Thinking of what Ora and his goons might do sent a chill up his spine. More than that, he was angry that Engle was suddenly turning on him. “You know what, listen. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, right?” Beads of sweat pebbled on Aiden’s forehead and the heat swarmed around him. “You need me more than I need you. Salerno wouldn’t even be investigated right now unless you contacted me.”

“And you needed money to pay off Ora when you stupidly played high stakes poker with him.”

“Yes, but at what fucking cost? So I can testify against him and be a target for one of his henchmen to shoot me on sight? They’ll do it, you know. I know they will, mark my words.”

Engle sighed. “Well it’s either play with us or Ora. You testify against Salerno, we keep you safer and out of jail. You don’t and we bring you and Ora down together. The feds are after him, big time. If they can find a connection between all three of you it’ll make their year.”

Aiden smeared the moisture from his head. “Engle, there’s gotta be another way. I’ve turned over the documents, the text messages. I’ve done everything you asked.” Aiden was nearly in tears thinking of what Salerno and his mob boss friend would do to him without the protection of the US Marshals.

Engel relaxed back in the chair. His brown gaze met Aiden’s. “Yes you have, but we need your testimony to bring Salerno and others like him down for good. And we’ll keep you from getting hurt, as much as we possibly can. But you know…” Engle stopped a moment and shifted in his chair. “Accidents do happen.”

Aiden cocked an eyebrow and gulped hard. What accidents is he talking about? Things around the house or out in the streets, this he knew, but what other things or was Engel giving him a warning if he didn’t cooperate?

“Okay, yeah um, so when do I have to testify again?” Aiden hated this plan but he’d much rather deal with them than Boss Ora and his scary crew. He’d asked Salerno to back off but he and Ora were relentless. They’d stop at nothing to make sure Aiden was permanently shut up a lot sooner than later.

Aiden still had things he wanted to do; like meet someone who didn’t judge him based off his profession but instead, the kind and loving man he truly believed he was.

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