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Writing Cheating Heroes

Roughmm1 Greetings folks! Instead of the muse, I’ve decided to talk about something that affects all authors everywhere when it comes to their craft; writing characters who aren’t faithful to their spouses and or partners.

Let’s go back a ways when I decided to write my latest book, Something About Jayden. When developing the story, I did a lot to make the characters believable and relatable. Jayden Demario, a foster child, is a college intern looking for his first big break in the advertising world. Because of his past history with his stepfather, he isn’t too hip on the holidays and his upbringing in a rough neighborhood forces him to stay somewhat closeted. My other character, Isaac Bridges is a successful advertising executive who is also in the closet and married to his best friend; a woman he’s known for years named Brenda. The two of them are in this setup for convenience but have the understanding that once the other finds love, they’ll separate. Notice Isaac’s character bio; married and in the closet which means he’ll try to cultivate a relationship with Jayden during the course of the story.

I knew this would be difficult to pull off from the get go and that many might not want to read it because of the cheating hero. Still, being the author who likes to write what they want and take risks, I did it anyway because it was a story I’d still read.


No question, cheating is most likely the biggest no no in romance. Seemingly not a lot of people enjoy stories about someone who leaves their significant for another regardless of the situation but like many other things in fiction, this too is part of reality. A grim one but definitely something humans face in the real world. It’s a very touchy subject but in my opinion, we as authors, especially when it comes to our craft should be willing to take risks. I don’t write for the money, I write because I love it.

Another case in point is Michael’s book, I Love it Rough. In this one, my main character Frankie finds another man he works with very attractive. From the few reviews I’ve gotten, this turned off some people but truthfully my character reacted to frustration with his current lover Kajika and because of this his eyes wandered to another man.

Like Jayden, I knew this might have an effect on the book but in Rough, it isn’t part of the main character’s make-up. Really, Frankie’s infidelity is the build up for the next book between the man he’s lusting after and another so there is reasoning behind the madness. It’s not just for the sake of showing cheating or glorifying it but again, the characters unfaithfulness leads into another part of the storyline. In the case of Rough it builds a bridge to the next book and creates more tension; something I love to do.

So what’s my point here? Cheating isn’t pretty. It isn’t something people like to hear about, read about, or experience but it’s a part of life. In no way shape or form am I trying to make you, the reader, change your mind about books if it’s part of the storyline. You read what makes you comfortable and happy which is fine.

However, a lot of authors like to push the envelope, because reading happy go lucky Jenna and Brian or Bill and Nate isn’t always fun to write. We like some angst, we like the drama and the cheating definitely adds something to the storyline.

Many publishers don’t even want the element in their books because they want their stories to be HEA or HFN and they know how readers feel about infidelity. Few others allow us the freedom to write what comes in our heads and if we self-pub, like I did with Rough, we write whatever satisfies our creativity.

I’m proud of how both books turned out and if I have a cheating MC I won’t hesitate to write him or her again. Not because I’m insensitive to people or want to glorify the ugliness, I like telling stories that push the boundaries and break the normal romance mold.

**Both I Like Em Pretty and I Love It Rough are free to read for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers**

Livin’ in N’awlins ain’t all that easy…

Kajika Fortier loves his job, the attention he gets from onlookers, and Frankie Choteau. However, his new partner’s jealousy, mood swings, and over protectiveness drives Kajika to the brink but at the same time, excites him to no end.

To complicate things further, a murderer is on the loose looking for blood. All three of the killer’s victims are strippers which not only makes Frankie nervous about Kajika’s safety but leaves him questioning his love for being a homicide detective. Coupled with the stresses of cold cases as well as some fellow officers shunning him for coming out, Frankie is having second thoughts about staying in New Orleans. Despite the encouragement from Vance, Kenina, and Orrin as well as new chief Quinn Murray, Frankie is wondering if his life’s passion really is to catch the killers.

Will the new couple survive these new issues that impede their nearly perfect union? Or will the relationship fail, thus leaving Kajika alone and a target for New Orleans latest serial killer? Detective Choteau and Kajika’s commitment to one another is being tested in more ways than one and they only have one another to lean on.

R Rated Excerpt

He’d been watching her for days, the dancer Lana, loving the way she moved on that big stage. Such a sultry, sensual, beautiful woman. He wanted nothing more than to get close to her, love her, and show that side of him that was rarely seen. Yeah, sometimes he hated that side; but hell, no one ever gave him a chance to prove how good of a man he could be. Tonight, however, Lana would see the man women turned down despite his slightly better than average looks and winning smile. Yeah, and Lana would enjoy it too. After all, she gave him the opportunity; finally, someone did, letting him into her life.

“Umph−” Lana grunted and struggled against the red rope he’d tied above her head. He might’ve bound her wrists a bit too tightly, but she mentioned how she liked things a little rough. And really, that played right into his hands. He loved to play rough. He enjoyed his ladies to be bound and defenseless, so they wouldn’t get away. He hated when they tried running, especially during sex.

Why can’t they understand I like using my hands?

Yeah, he loved touching women’s breasts, thighs, stroking their sexual parts. It didn’t matter if they were full women or transsexual. He loved them all because the smell and feel of the females drove him wild. And Lana? Her body repeatedly called out to him during that performance, telling him how much she wanted him to be hers. He saw it in her eyes and in the sexy moves she displayed during her routine.

Lana was giving him the chance, the one chance to make love to her like no one had in quite a while. They’d talked about that briefly when he took her out for a late bite a couple of nights ago; being lonely and sexually deprived because they were different, or better yet, unique. Like him, no one had given her much of a chance in the relationship department, so of course she understood where he was coming from. And because they both hadn’t been involved with anyone in a while, it was easy for Lana to invite the man she knew as Eli to come to her apartment.

He wooed her with his promises of hot nights in bed, romantic dinners, and a committed relationship; something she so desperately craved. He knew that and made sure he brought it up when they had a drink around the corner from the club. He’d convinced her how good he could be for her, especially since he had the money to assist her with the surgery. Lana wanted the security, the love, as well as his money, so no wonder Eli was able to make it in despite any personal reservations.

Thank God for that.

Eli worried she might not want to give in so easily, but the promise of the money after sex sealed the deal. Good for that too because Eli had their evening perfectly planned out all the way to the moment he’d get away without being seen. Sometimes he hated that side of him that didn’t allow for things to progress with the couple of girls he’d been with, but, ah well; at least he wouldn’t drain his life’s savings giving Lana the money for her operation. In truth, he didn’t want to see her change the “unique” quality or extra surprise anyway. After all, it was part of what attracted Eli to her in the first place.

Once they made it back to her apartment, they had wine, or rather she did, because Eli informed Lana wine really wasn’t his thing. They shared passionate kisses while they danced and groped in her living room. At the height of their passion, Eli stripped her completely naked except for her purple stilettos, loving the sight of her slight frame as well as her erect cock nestled in a bed of black curls between her thighs. Despite the fact he considered himself a heterosexual he couldn’t deny how much he loved the transsexual ladies. He’d been around quite a few but had never gotten very far with them.

Lana would be the first one.

Too bad we can’t have a future.

After she gulped half the bottle, he carried her to her bed and lay her down on the top of her crimson sheets. She insisted that he join her, pulling at his clothes and begging for more kisses, but Eli declined, saying he only wanted to stare at her beautiful body, bound and gagged, first. He couldn’t have sex with her just yet, not before he got her ready. Eli had everything planned a certain way, and he must stick to that regardless of how horny he was.

And damn was he aroused just gawking at her all tied up to the posts on her bed with her legs spread wide open. Yeah, Eli would get some before that side of him reared its ugly head. After all, Lana mentioned how much she loved rough sex.

“Erg.” Lana shook, most likely excited over what was to happen next. Her face slightly flushed from the pressure on her body. She moved her legs attempting to get free, but she had to understand how Eli liked his conquests, though they were few, tied with ropes, not cuffs because those were so cliché. Besides, ropes left more beautiful marks when pulled and tugged at, especially around the neck area.

“We’re about to have fun; are you ready?” Eli met Lana’s hazel gaze while he held the small rope in his gloved hands. He moistened his lips, rubbing his covered fingertips against the material. His smile widened when he sensed the fear in her. Eli loved when they were scared, or at least slightly spooked. It made him even more aroused to see bulging eyes, the way they’d shudder like a leaf just before that side came out. Hopefully it would allow him to enjoy the little time he had with Miss Lana. Eli desperately wanted to fuck her, and he’d brought condoms to make sure they played it safe. The few times he did it, he never had sex without them, and his women appreciated that. Yes, Eli was always very concerned about diseases and the mess he’d leave behind. Not to mention, he considered wrapping it up to be part of respect.

Women like responsible and respectful men.

Eli recalled that saying from his grandmother years and years ago. Despite all the trauma and despair he’d felt his adult life, Eli never forgot his manners. Well, at least not at first. Eli wished he could teach the beast to feel the same, but he’d failed miserably. That side, the beast, didn’t want to be taught anything, only wanting to feed on poor defenseless women. However, before, it was harmless for the most part, with the ladies surviving Eli’s terrible side. Lately though, two of them hadn’t been so fortunate, and really, Lana was in danger of being in that category.

If only I could harness this energy.

Eli continued to move slowly towards Lana, tightening the rope in his grip.

“MMmerrgrghhh.” Lana’s eyes widened even more, and she wrestled with the ropes to break free from their clutches to no avail.

Eli blinked twice, feeling the anger coming to a boil inside of him, and the adrenaline flowed through his veins like a bad drug at the sight of Lana’s fear. He moistened his lips and bit his lip until it nearly bled. He bared his teeth as if they were fangs, showing Lana that side of him very few had seen before. “Ah, my pretty, no need to be scared, my darling. We’re going to have big, big fun!”

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