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What I Enjoy Most About Writing

Metalerotique_2It’s been a little over three years since I began this journey. Doing something I did sparingly as a teen and then turning it into a budding career. I never thought I could be a published author, putting out my own books for others to read and enjoy until December 2010 when my first sole author story hit the market.

Boy was I excited. The cover with my penname on it; essentially, my name in lights as if I were the director of a large film or the lead singer of a successful band. Wow! Me? I couldn’t believe it. Although just a short story, it began this long winding road of ups and downs, gnashing teeth over edits, struggling to get the most out of my characters and sulking a little over so so reviews. (More chocolate and liquor please) *laughs* That’s how authors deal. And after all that, here I am, three years later and still excited about the next release!

Oh the joy when I see the new cover, and then when I get the edits, I smile instead of grumbling. One step closer to the finished product going up on Amazon. Whew! And then comes promotions, blogging, spending a few bucks on cover ads, and yes the reviews which have gotten better than so so. More like, okay, we see what you’re trying to do but… *laughs again* Not many of those either. Despite this, I thank everyone for their support because a little is better than none at all.


Which brings me back to my topic. What do I enjoy most about writing? The answer? EVERYTHING. I’ve learned a lot since I started. I do more research, I read more of my peers in all genres, I’ve taken classes, and asked for help from fellow authors and betas. Every book I’ve wrote reads better than the last and I’ve self pubbed several books with more to come in the near future. Am I nervous, hell yes. Scared? Yes! But I’ve got to continue because writing is what I do. ITS WHAT I LOVE!

Oh the joy and pains of being a published author. Sometimes we writers throw our hands up when the royalty statements come or when the reviews are less than stellar we sulk again but we love it don’t we? We wouldn’t trade it for anything. To see our names up “in lights” sort of speak is what we live for.

Creating a world around characters we made is just the tip of the iceberg. To me, nothing is more exciting than this process.

Being a published author is what I’ve dreamed of. And I couldn’t be happier.

**This is one of my self pubbed titles Sex Type Thing. Its on sale now at both Amazon and ARe. Don’t forget about the contest for Something About Jayden in print!*



Blurb: JKaye is a fan of Lucifiera’s lead singer Zander Lukes… A BIG fan. His desire for the lead screamer has driven him to do something wrong, really wrong…

Kidnap Zander and bring him back to his place.

What does he intend to do? Push the man to his limits and make him his slave for the weekend. 

JKaye feelings for Zander are more than just a crush. Zander Lukes is his obsession.

Excerpt R Rated (Language)

“Somethin ‘bout the devil’s kiss, on my lips−”

With the crowd of screaming fans at my feet, I growled the lyrics to one of the band’s hits.

Cameras flashed at my every move with photographers following me from one end of the stage to the other trying to catch what lewd thing I might do next.

As the interest in me picked up, more mainstream rags and papers wanted to cover the band. No question, I took pleasure in the attention given. I actually reveled in it. Like most front men, I enjoy the spotlight. And why wouldn’t I? This was what I signed up for the moment we made our music available to the masses.

“Zander! I wanna have your baby!” A busty girl screamed at me and showed her best assets.

In response, I ran my tongue over my lips and flashed an evil smile. I loved when people got naked for me but in all honesty tits weren’t on my mind for this night. I needed something of the male variety to satisfy my hunger for companionship.

Many tried to get me to notice them with all their wild stunts, jumping on stage, diving, crowd surfing to slap my hand which I always acknowledged. Yeah I may be a devil but I love my fans. They’re the reason I got to where I wanted to be in this business. Without them, I’d be the starving artist, still trying to make ends meet. Live shows allowed us to dwell comfortably in an expensive place like New York. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have made it any other way.

After I stalked to the left side of the stage, I stopped to whip my hair around in unison with our guitarist. Although I was tired as hell, adrenaline fueled me to continue to entertain my crowd. High pitched guitar riffs and clashing cymbals caused my ears to throb. In my mind, to feel the music I couldn’t be bothered with fucking ear plugs. I had to hear it all regardless of the temporary deafness I’d suffer from later.

As the song finished, I leaped up in the air and landed on the stage, spreading my arms and legs wide. Fans rushed to my side, touching every part of my body, ripping my t-shirt to shreds. Their wild adoration of me, a way for them to have a figurative piece of me. Surely some of these same fans would be waiting backstage hoping to be my “entertainment” this evening, but I had no hope of any of them tickling my fancy. Still, it beat being alone after the performance, especially when my sexual energy was at its peak. I had to release the tension somehow and having or, rather, getting sexed up was the best way to do it.

“Zander, Zander, Zander!” Chants from the crowd sounded as the rest of the band took their bows and left the stage. I jumped to my feet, flung the remnants of my Cradle of Filth t-shirt into the frenzied crowd. Feeling the aftermath of getting clawed, I winced and grit my teeth in pain, walking from one end to the other. I’d need plenty of peroxide to recover from these small injuries but it never deterred me from letting the fans get at me after a show.

After taking my final bow, I spun and ambled backstage. I grabbed the solution and doused my chest, belly, and shoulders with it while one of my roadies rambled off a bunch of potentials. The cold liquid chilled and stung me all at once. I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes, attempting to forget the discomfort.


Soon however, I’d be high on weed and booze to make all this a memory at least for right now. I’d definitely feel it in the morning but that’s what pain killers and showers were for. Good thing the next performance wasn’t until next week to conclude this tour. Recovering was always the hardest part of this gig anyway.

Heading back to my dressing room, I took a shirt from another roadie along with a towel ready to get sucked and laid. I nodded at a few people including my bandmates who appeared as if they’d started partying without me. Smells of marijuana and sex infiltrated my nostrils. I took it all in, reveling in the scents.

    Ah ,the sweet smells of rock and roll.

As I made the turn to meet my fans, another man greeted me with a talk drink and an evil smile. Just then, the prospects of finding someone went up because this dude was muscled and gorgeous. I feasted my eyes on lengthy brown locks with wild brown eyes, slit like a cat’s. He was tanned, toned and dressed in all black. A hot metal man like me.


Judging from my body’s reaction, he was exactly the type I needed. Someone big and strong who might wanna play my kind of game. And from the dirty-in-a-good-way look he gave me my assumption was most likely correct.

I grabbed the cup and quickly sucked down its contents.  “Thanks man.” I winked, wiped my mouth and sized him up, knowing he’d look real good tangled in my sheets after I fucked him into the Serta.

The hunk smiled in response. “Just call me J, Mr−”

“Zander, just Zander…and whoa.” I rubbed both of my temples and blinked a couple of times from dizziness.

“You okay, Zander?” J asked as he held on to me.

“Yeah, I’m feeling, damn.” Struggling to stay upright, I fell into his arms and clutched his broad shoulders. Suddenly, I felt like I was on a boat about to sink down to the bottom.

    What the fuck is going on?

The room started spinning and my eyes burned, tearing up from whatever shit had been in that drink. My heart thudded against my ribs and I gulped hard, trying to stay standing but the drugs wouldn’t allow me to do so.

“You’re mine, Zander Lukes, mine!” The stranger growled in my ear while strong arms wrapped around my waist. His hot breath tickled my earlobes and woke my cock right up but I had no chance to enjoy it.

Seemingly Mr. J was more than some pretty face.

    Who the fuck let him back here anyway?

Yeah so I could make damn sure they’d be fired immediately.

Suddenly I remembered the saying don’t take anything from or talk to strangers but it was already too late for that.

Before I could react everything around me went black.


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