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Vampire King of New York: Two Kisses are Better than One!

In Vampire King of New York, when Max is poisoned by a vampire slayer and in bed for a while, Evelyn learns more about VampyreKingOfNewYork_higres (2)kissing.


In a blur, he was on top of her. His mouth took possession of hers, and his entire body was involved in the passion. Evelyn lost herself again in a world of dancing light before she could focus on what was happening. Oh, God, how she loved his mouth with his tender tastes and hot, lingering pressures and nibbles. His tongue broke through her closed lipped defense with coaxing and teasing, until she parted for him in a gesture of surrender. Never had a kiss been so promising. He stroked the inside of her mouth. Tears streamed down her face.

“Why do you weep?” he asked, his voice like a balmy breeze caressing her face.

“Because I’m happy.”

He possessed her mouth, his tongue parrying with hers in jest. She burst out laughing at the play. He laughed and that’s when she discovered his hands had been busy too.

Her blouse was almost undone. He fondled her hip and moved forward and down.

“Max, please.”

“Anything you wish, Evelyn.”


Everything stopped, but he remained on top of her. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything between us is happening too fast. In a matter of days, I’ve grown to care deeply about you. This isn’t like a casual date or friendship, Max. Damn it. I don’t have the words I’m trying to say. Can you read my mind? That would be helpful.”

“Actually I can’t. I can sense your feelings, but I can’t read your mind. I can usually read humans without any effort at all, but not you. Maybe I can fill in some of your words, by explaining how I feel.” He paused to regroup. “I care deeply for you too. What’s happening between us is natural. But it’s much more than that. I agree this isn’t a date or casual friendship. We are growing into something more lastly.”


If you can’t wait to read it, Vampire King of New York is available in Amazon Print and Kindle, Barnes and Noble Print and Nook, and Kobo.

***I’m doing a special contest. One lucky commenter will win an ebook of Vampire King of New York in their choice of Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

All you have to do to be eligible is to write “I love Max” in the comment box with your name and email.  If I do ten posts and you put “I love Max” in my ten comment boxes, then your name goes in the hat ten times.  There can only be one winner and they will be randomly drawn on Nov.1st and posted in my last comment box.  Good luck to everyone and this contest is void where prohibited by law.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

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