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Racy Regency RomCom by Beverley Oakley

Rake's Honour Cover


As some people know I write under two names. As Beverley Eikli I’ve been writing increasingly unconventional Historicals laced with intrigue, while as Beverley Oakley I write hotter historicals for Ellora’s Cave, Totally Bound and Pan Macmillan Momentum.

Rake’s Honour, above, was shortlisted for an Australian Romance Readers Award in 2012 and I’m currently writing a sequel called Rogue’s Kiss. This is another Regency romp with lots of naughty trysts that revolve around the conniving of my clever trio of Brightwell siblings – Fanny, Antoinette and the not-so-bright Branwell – who want to ensure their hapless cousin Thea finds a suitable match.

So when Branwell convinces the object of Thea’s daydreams – who also happens to be an incorrigible rake – that Thea has only four months to live, he’s eager to ensure the young woman goes to her grave knowing what true pleasure is all about.

That’s all in Rogue’s Kiss, which I’ll be putting up as a pre-order soon with details to appear in the back of Rake’s Honour.

And just so you know, Rake’s Honour is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for those of you who’ve taken out a subscription. It’s also available on Amazon for 99c.

Here’s a taster in the form of a couple of reviews.

BLURB for Rake’s Honour

‘Light-hearted spicy Regency romance laced with intrigue and dirty double-dealing.’

A charming gentleman rogue, a proper yet passionate Miss, strict society rules and illicit, steamy trysts… As spirited debutante Fanny Brightwell gambles upon marriage to the man of her dreams, a jealous contender for her affections threatens to upset her best laid plans.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Reviewer: Barbara McCormick – 5 Stars

“…The characters in Rake’s Honour, a Regency romance, leap off the page and into the reader’s heart….Ms. Oakley brings the setting and time period to life without lengthy descriptions of society’s strict rules. The sex, oh my goodness, the sex is hot and in unusual settings as Fenton and Fanny must hide what they are up to from the eyes of judgmental society.

Supporting characters like Fanny’s younger sister and her friend and confidante, Lord Quamby, bring added life to a lush story. The pacing is just perfect, keeping you in your chair reading right through to the end. The “mamas” are ever present, placing demands on their children to marry well for family’s sake. In the end, Rake’s Honour is about satisfying society’s demands while still finding ways to remain true to oneself and one’s heart. For these reasons, Rake’s Honour earns an honored spot on my re-read stack.”

BookedUp Reviews

Reviewer: Dolce Amore – 5 Stars

“What a splendid book! I loved every moment of it. Ms. Beverley Oakley created an original and amazing plot. She keeps our attention through the whole book. And the characters… what can I say? Outstanding! I loved Mis Fanny and adore Lord Fenton. I enjoyed with their misunderstanding and I was delighted by their torrid and passionate meetings. And the end… made me burst out laughing. It rocks!

5 stars for her and I can hardly wait to read her new release… Ms. Beverley Oakley, I’m not above begging for more! I expect I won’t have to wait too much longer for it, you are now one of my favorite writers.”



I love the Georgian and Regency periods though I’ve also written erotic Civil War stories and Victorian Gothic romances. My various publishers have given me lots of latitude and as I have an insatiable desire for novelty I’m always eager to try something completely different.

That’s why my romances seem to appeal to readers who like lots of unexpected twists and turns in an unconventional romance. I often feature flawed heroines – for example, my spoiled heiress who fakes her death in a shipwreck and takes on the identity of a governess in ‘Lady Sarah’s Redemption’. Or my Regency romantic Gothic/mystery ‘Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly’ which features a heroine who’s suffered years of domestic violence at the hands of her aristocratic thug of a husband.

Redemption is a big theme for me, and my flawed heroines – or heroines – are always redeemed by the end of the story, usually in unexpected way.

One of my favourite – and most recent unconventional Regency Romances written under my name Beverley Eikli is ‘The Maid of Milan’. If you enjoyed the 1948 Ingrid Bergmann thriller ‘Gaslight’ in which a woman photo 2(2)is made to believe she’s losing her mind, you might like that.

And as you can see from the pictures, I love sewing and one of my recent projects has been the 1780s polonaise I made for my History Through Costume Talks which I wear at my book launches. In both pictures I’m at our beautiful South Australian property ‘Wuthering Heights’.

So there’s lots to keep me busy. I’ve recently taken on a contract as a disaster researcher, so I’m the go-to person for information on bush fires, floods, plane crashes etc. Though I’m fascinated by my job, being immersed in disasters all day means it’s even more important to escape at night to write my historicals.

Nice ‘chatting’ to you all. And good luck with all your Halloween preparations.

And if you’re interested, Rake’s Honour is available from: Amazon USAmazon UK

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