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Win a FREE digital copy of Lizbeth by Ellen Cummins!



If Young Adult Paranormal Romance is something you like, this story is perfect for you! I’m giving away a digital copy so don’t forget to leave a comment!

Lizbeth is the perfect town—too perfect. Supernatural things live in the lake, revealing the town’s secrets to one person—Addison Flynn—and the burden is almost too great for a girl barely seventeen years old. Yearning for a “normal” life and true love, she fights for the truth. And the truth is the key.

Join her on her mind-blowing journey to a dark place disguised as paradise, where she searches for the one boy who sees her for what she truly is.


People were there. Voices all around. People never went there, hardly ever. It was our private dock. I deepened my stride and sharp rocks marked the underside of my now bare feet because I left my slippers with my stomach…ten paces behind me. My breath trailed out of my mouth in curling, quick puffs of panic and wet mist caked my skin. I started running.

Then I stopped, my wilted lilacs hit my feet. It couldn’t be, it wasn’t possible—this was late spring. The lake had frozen over in the night. Solid.

“Weird, right?” Thomas Luna said. He was a local jogger that had come up behind me. A good sized group of stunned Lizbeth citizens were gathered around the edge, some of which I knew from the neighborhood. “This lake has never frozen over ever, even in the winter!” The buzzing hurt my head. What in this world of wonder was going on here? My throat closed up and I coughed.

“Breathe, Addison, breathe.” Thomas patted me firmly on the back. “Here, have some of my water.” I coughed some more, choking on the shards of my confusion. He handed his bottled water to me and I chugged half of it in one swallow.

“Sorry.” I sputtered. “I really can’t breathe right now.” My knees gave out and I found myself on the ground. I held my head between my knees while the cold mud seeped onto my rear through my pajamas. I must’ve looked like a total drama queen. Thoughts swam inside my brain, thoughts that didn’t make any sense.

“Can I get your mother Addison? You don’t look well.” Another familiar voice was droning above me. Everything was fuzzy, but I recognized Officer Pruitt’s frame standing next to Thomas.

“No sir” I said. “I just need a minute.”

“Strangest thing.” He said. “Never in all these years.”

What about Shay? What about Luke? So many questions sloshed around in my brain like soup. My heart was beating out of control and the wind was whipping violently at my flesh. People were scattering like leaves in a storm.

“Oh my God.” Thomas said. “My bottled water is frozen.”

The direction of the wind shifted. I was no longer aware of any voices around me—they had faded out in a low and faraway murmur. My jaw ached from gritting my teeth and the wind was whistling so loud and fierce, my hair cut into my face. I tried to block the sand from pelting my face with my hands, but it needled into my forearms. Pine needles rained down on me, stabbing at the top of my head and hands, stinging like a million bee stings. Screaming wind was a thundering beast, coming to claim its prey. My ear drums would rupture at any moment, and then the rest of my body would follow suit. God help me. And do it now.

In an instant, the ground left me. I was lifted up and weightless, swirling like Dorothy did in the center of the tornado. Swirls of greens and blues whirred around me and I grabbed at the air, at anything to hold on to, but there was nothing there. Just me and the sky. Then, as opposite as opposite could be, I went down in the other direction towards the frozen lake. I watched it open up and invite me down into it, as if to serve me biscotti and tea but I fought like mad, waving my arms trying to fly away from it, but it didn’t work. The mad circle of air pulled me down into its core and I gulped for air, knowing that this would be my last breath. My town didn’t love me anymore. It wanted to kill me, and keep me for itself in the belly of her stone lake. I screamed as loud as I could. “No!” The last word from my lips…or so I thought.

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