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Sphinx Resurrected – Book 1 of The Sphinx Warriors Series

sphinx resurrected final fionaSphinx Resurrected, my leading heroine is Stormy who has suddenly been drawn into the realm of the Sphinx Warriors. She is their last hope in a battle that has been waging for centuries against an evil presence determined to destroy the Earth. Michael, leader of the Sphinx Warriors, starts her Transformation into a Power Keeper so ultimately Stormy will then be capable of transferring Life Power to the Warriors so they can continue to battle the evil Wraith who are trying to invade the Earth. Stormy has a lot to learn in the extraordinary world she has been drawn into. She is strong in her determination to both succeed in her new life to help the Warriors in their fight and to win the heart of Michael and become his Power Mate.

Here is a quick Synopsis for Sphinx Resurrected:

Complex 46 located in the Yuma Desert in Arizona is the site of secret genetics research for the one woman who can sustain the Sphinx Warriors in their fight against the Wraith. Stormy, found to be a genetic match, is abducted by a team of Warriors, led by the blue eyed Sphinx leader, Michael, who starts her Transformation and must Join with her to save her life.

Stormy must deal with her new surroundings, life, and expectations as a Power Keeper and Sphinx. Michael’s guidance and care give her more confidence than she has ever had and his passion leaves her hungering for more. Michael must lead his Warriors, battle the Wraith, and protect Stormy from the dark presence existing in the Complex. He keeps the secret of their Joining from her and struggles with his desire and need for her.

Michael and Stormy’s undeniable attraction to each other will bring them closer together as nothing else can. Even with their internal struggles and the challenges they must survive, their need for each other is incredibly strong and will make them more powerful together than apart. They will need to join as Sphinx Warriors and Power Mates to beat the odds and defend against the threat of the Wraith.

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