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Sphinx Awakened By Christine Murphy – Available now.


From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx Awakeed by Christine Murphy – The fifth book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.

Summary: Prisoner in a mental facility, Lily hopes one day a hero will rescue her. When rescue does come, it is in the form of Hunter, a Sphinx Warrior. Once he touches Lily, both mind and body, Hunter and his inner Sphinx are lost to the influence of her grace and beauty. Lily’s incredible Powers will save Hunter and his intense love will save Lily from certain death. Together they will successfully retrieve the Sixth Page hidden for centuries to further the battle against the dark Wraith enemy.


Tentatively Lily placed her palms against Hunters chest. Under her fingertips she felt his quick indrawn breath and the rapid pounding of his heart. His muscles even twitched against her as if bolts of energy transferred from her to him. Fascinated with the feel of him she smoothed her hands over his chest and over to his arms sliding over the material of his black shirt until her hands made contact with his skin. He was so incredibly warm and she imagined fine velvet wrapped over hard steel when she smoothed her hands down his forearms. She wondered what the rest of him felt like and had the strongest desire to pull his shirt up and tunnel underneath to feel the hard muscles of his stomach. Not quite ready for that much adventure, she returned her exploration to his chest but couldn’t resist sliding her hands down until his firmly muscled stomach was under her palms but still covered by his shirt.

Hunter moaned and grabbed her wrists. “Careful, Lily. My inner beast is prowling and you’re not ready for that kind of adventure yet.”

Feeling challenged she looked up at him from under her eyelashes. Even though she was exhausted, the feel of him and the sensations coming from Hunter through their connection was making her braver than she would be normally. “How do you know I’m not ready Hunter? I’ve been waiting for someone to make me whole forever. I want to feel more with you. I want you to be even closer to me Hunter.”

The rush of energy which came from Hunter was incredible surrounding both him and her. One moment everything was normal and the next his Life Power exploded from him in shimmering swirls. The energy settled on her making her skin tingle deliciously. She wanted more so pulled at Hunter’s entrapping hands to get closer to him. Obliging her, he let go of her wrists and cupped her face in his slightly shaking hands. Hunter was holding back but Lily didn’t want him to.

Perhaps he felt what she wanted because he leaned down and kissed her. The moment his lips touched hers the world ceased to exist and her entire being was drawn into Hunter. Only the two of them existed. He teased, he tantalized, and he knew just exactly what to do to make her want more. He softly kissed her but within moments the kiss became more demanding. Hunter nipped at her and then ran his tongue along the seam of her lips. She had never been kissed before but knew what he wanted and opened for him. Rewarding her, he delved inside and stroked his talented tongue along hers.

Lily didn’t ever want the kiss to end but Hunter pulled back and inhaled deeply as if trying to get control before he thickly he said, “Great Ancients, Lily. You tempt me, but we need to take this slow. Have mercy on this Warrior. You may be innocent but I do believe you have a temptress in there.”

Secretly she smiled to herself as she leaned against him. Lily was tired of slow and of being denied all the wonderful things she had every intention of experiencing now. She knew Hunter was concerned for her well being and his need to protect her even extended to keeping himself in check. He would never hurt her and she knew this without one ounce of doubt. She was finally complete and totally safe and cherished by someone.

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Christine Murphy – Romance Author

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