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Sphinx Revealed by Christine Murphy – Available Now

New in October 2014 From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx Revealed by Christine Murphy – The seventh book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.

Summary: Kara has given up everything to protect the Sphinx Warriors and in one brutal night intervenes saving them from the Gate and is revealed as to what she really is – an Ancient. Raven trusts no one but with Kara he finds his tormented life fades away in her presence and all he wants is her. Raven will do everything in his power to make her stronger including claiming and Joining with her. Revealed as the seventh Sphinx female, Kara will control the Power Weapon while Raven stands by her side and together they will destroy the Gate and set the Sphinx free.


As if her thoughts alone could conjure him, Kara suddenly felt Raven’s presence. At first it was a fleeting brush against her consciousness but then she could sense him coming closer and closer. Within moments his own brand of energy seemed to surround her in a protective blanket.

She knew he was in the cave with her in all of his masculine glory. Unable to stop her movement, Kara came to her feet and she slowly turned around. Standing not inches away from her Raven towered above her like an avenging angel. Behind him the waterfall shimmered with tiny rainbows from the interplay of the outside light making him seem like he was surrounded by an ethereal light. She could see the play of the muscles in his forearms as he curled and uncurled his fingers. She wondered if he was going to grab her but her attention was quickly captured by the glitter of his dark blue eyes. He looked like a man who was ready to take possession of what was his.

A thrill rushed through Kara and breathlessly she said, “Raven…”

In that instant Raven demanded, “Don’t ever leave me again like that, Kara.”

Before she could provide any kind of cohesive response Raven closed the few inches separating them and grabbed her by the arms. He pulled her forward until she was flush against him and then he slowly slid the palm of his hands the rest of the way up her arms causing tiny goose-bumps to form over her skin. His wandering didn’t stop there but continued until he had the fingers of one hand entwined in her hair and the other hand cupped against her face.

Raven had her completely under his skilled control but instead of being afraid Kara only wanted more. She wanted him to take charge, to take over, and to make her feel wanted, but more, she wanted to feel loved. Yes, the thought was truly a forbidden one, but it was what she wanted, what she wanted from him.

Kara had no idea what Raven was going to do. He stood there so long keeping control of her but his hold was so gentle it almost brought tears to her eyes. It was deliberate and yet he touched her with such care she didn’t feel one pull in the strands of her hair entangled in his fingers. She didn’t feel trapped in the least. Holding her breath she waited watching him as he seemed just as mesmerized watching her. Finally he moved, almost in slow motion, lowering his head. Kara closed her eyes, the anticipation driving her crazy, until finally his lips touched hers.

The first touch of his lips to hers did more to scramble her brain than any vision she had ever had. Nothing she could have imagined as a first kiss could have compared to this one. Her knees grew weak and her breaths came in ever excited gasps. She fisted her hands in his shirt to try and keep upright because she was so blown away. When he pulled back slightly from the kiss she whimpered in disappointment and fought to keep contact with him. To her delight he didn’t end the kiss but shifted his hand from her face to her lower back drawing her closer.

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