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Moving On happens on the Saskatchewan prairie

Anna is running away from a past. Does she run to the far north of cold and ice? Does she run to the desert? No she drives for three days from Toronto, Ontario and stops in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan.

One of her places to shop.

One place to shop

One place to shop


Why you might ask?

Because she is the heir to a cottage. She doesn’t know why it is her place but she has the papers to prove it.

Anna’s wish is that the pain and pity didn’t follow her. On her very first day, she discovers that it has not and she can begin again.

She leaves behind her nurse’s uniform and is going to be an entrepreneur and build miniature houses.

Again, why you might ask?

Because she began this as a hobby to help ease her grief from the death of her fiancé.

Because it worked for a hobby she thought she might be one of the lucky women who could work from home. She has insurance money she can live for comfortably until her business is successful.

While she creates her home, her sanctuary, she learns all about digging up the earth to transplant vegetables and flowers.

This is when she discovers she too needs to be all worked up and transplanted into a new life with new possibilities.

Have you ever transplanted and transformed yourself from your past?

Join Anna on her journey Moving On.

Comment for a chance to win a copy.



  1. Colleen C. says:

    Enjoying the little snippets you are sharing! When I first moved away, it took some time, but I felt myself become more confident in doing things for myself… felt better about myself too coming out of my shell a bit.

  2. annettebower says:

    Hello Colleen C.
    I am glad you are enjoying the snippets. Moving and becoming independent are so important to finding out who we are. Thank you for dropping by.
    Yours truly,

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