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I’ve been all dressed and ready to attend but now I’m past formally late. I’m real late.

Have you ever had one of those days? You’re going to a party but you forgot the address. You have an idea where it is but you get there and you don’t know for certain which house it really is.

This has been my dilemma. I want to show off my new cover but which door to go through?

After much going up the walk and being told I don’t know the right password, finally, alas, I am here.  I’m stepping over the threshold.

TA DA my new cover for my re-release of Moving On.

When you look at my cover you know almost instinctively that I’m not flashy or sexy.  I’m calm, sweet and contemporary.

These are two friends, Nick Donnally paddling on Last Mountain Lake with his friend Anna Jenkins.  The canoe is in the shadow because each of them has a secret. But the yellow shows hope that they will overcome their difficulties and find their way to love.

I hope you feel the same way about my cover.

I will be giving a copy of Moving On in a random draw of comments posted.

I’m going to find the Hors d’oeuvre table.  Join me there are so many choices today at this party, stay close and enjoy posts from myself, Annette Bower and
Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn
Christiane France
Christine Murphy
JoAnne Myers
Lacey Roberts
Susan Horsnell
V.S. Morgan


  1. Colleen C. says:

    I like the cover… but now you have me curious about what the old one looked like…

  2. annettebower says:

    Hello Colleen C,
    It was a lovely cover as well. It featured a model’s hair and face which resembled Anna. I had many compliments on it as well.
    Covers do speak thousands of words at one glance.
    Thank you for commenting.
    Yours truly,

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