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R-Rated Excerpt from Avery (Kline 3) by Ana Raine

Avery (Kline 3) by Ana Raine


When Avery takes a job as an escort at the Kline Agency in Manhattan, he expects to work long enough to help fund his younger brother’s college tuition and then he can move on. However, a chance meeting with an artist, Milo, changes Avery’s expectations. At first, Milo is interested in drawing Avery, but then he decides using Avery as his canvas holds more inspiration for him.

Rodney, a very rich older man has his sights set on Avery and making him his exclusive escort. But as Avery and Milo spend more time together, Avery begins to have feelings for the aloof artist. When Milo loses his main sponsor, he can no longer afford Avery’s services, and Avery is forced to choose between having a relationship with Milo or the rich clients of the Kline.

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I gave the smallest of nods. Milo worked faster than I expected and had the most blues and purples made in the small trays. He dipped the larger of the brushes into the paint ever so slightly and then swept it across the left side of my chest. It was slightly cold but the hardest part was staying still when he grazed my nipple with the tips of the brushes.

Milo smirked. “I presume you are enjoying this?”

Of course I was.

We stayed in silence while he painted, constantly alternating between the smaller and larger of the brushes as well as the paints. When I tried to look down at his work, he gripped my chin and pulled my head back up so I was staring straight ahead.

“You will smudge the paint,” he told me.

So I didn’t move for what seemed like hours. The paint gave off a strange sort of smell, but Milo’s cologne was more intense. After a while, the prickly bristles of the brush stopped tickling, but every time my cock flagged, Milo would reach down and stroke me through my pants. It didn’t occur to me right away, but I had the feeling he liked seeing me so wanting and horny. There must’ve been something about my face that he liked because after he stroked me intensely until I felt like I could cum, he would kiss the side of my face. Before I could respond, he would abruptly turn back to his work.

His actions were both maddening and deeply sexy.

But the most alluring part of being his model was the way he looked at me. When he made a mistake, which he alerted me to by letting out a whispered curse word, he would stare intently at my flesh. Then he would peer so close I thought he was looking at each individual pore and imperfection.

I had a slight amount of hair between my pectorals and just below my belly button, but he avoided those areas completely.

“Lean back,” he told me as he pressed his hand into my shoulders.

His touch was very, very wanted, and as stiff as my knees were, I moved to do as he asked. The position was slightly awkward and hard to hold, but I managed well enough. Milo lifted the paintbrush but didn’t dip it back into the paint. Instead, he turned it around in his hand and pressed the handle against my chest, drawing an invisible line down my chest straight to the top of my pants. Then he put the paintbrush in his mouth and undid the button of my jeans and pulled them down slightly.

I moaned and as much as I wanted to move, I didn’t.

Ana Raine


  1. Laurie P says:

    Oh wow, this sounds great. Off to check out the series.

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