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Mercenaries 3: Riding Shotgun

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Series: Mercenaries

Title: Riding Shotgun

 Genres/Themes: d Fantasy, Futuristic, Inter-racial

Release Date:  Sept 17, 2014

Author: Anne Kane

Publisher URL  Changeling Press – Erotic Fiction






When Kalie decides she wants to ride Shotgun, he better be ready to oblige!


She was a genetic experiment that was never supposed to get out of the lab. If the government finds her, they will kill her without hesitation. She’s a crack shot, though, and she’s used to looking out for herself. Her affinity for all things mechanical helps her make a living on the road racing circuit, but lately things haven’t been going so well.


Shotgun falls hard from the first time he meets her, and is determined to make her his own. When accidents keep plaguing Kalie’s car, he gets suspicious and with the help of his mercenary buddies he is determined to find the source of the problem and keep his woman safe





The man came out of nowhere. Jerking her rifle out of her hands, he flipped her over and slammed her body into the ground.  The breath whooshed out of her in one long exhale as he pinned her to the ground with his superior weight. Instinctively, she tried to bring her knee up to fend him off.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, little girl.” His voice was low, a thread of humor running through it as he blocked the move with a casual flick of his leg. He could afford to be amused. He was planted firmly on top of her, and her rifle was no longer snugged comfortingly against her chin. She eyed up the distance to the weapon. Too far.

A fierce anger enveloped her, fueled by an unfamiliar feeling of helplessness. No one snuck up on her like that. No one. Taking a deep breath, she forced her body to relax. She could get out of this. If he thought she’d given up, he’d let his guard down.

“Who are you?” The words hissed out between clenched teeth, betraying her fury. So much for letting him think she’d given up.

“Name’s Shotgun, Kalie. I’m with Saralyn down there, and her new beau. Just kind of keeping an eye on the situation when I noticed you over here. I don’t like people watching my friends through the scope of a rifle.”

“Really?” He knew her name. Shit. He probably knew about the other girls as well. Her sisters. That couldn’t be good. She needed to neutralize him quickly and let them know they’d been found out. She shifted her weight, as if trying to get more comfortable. “Well I don’t like people skulking around watching my friends either, so I guess we’re even. Would you mind getting off me? You’re heavy.”

“Not quite yet.” He somehow managed to transfer both of her wrists to one hand. Raising his other arm, he spoke into the comm unit strapped around his wrist. “I got some action up here Sarge. Little girl,with a big gun. Name of Kalie. Says she’s watching point for the others. You want to verify that?”

“Should have expected something like this.” Sarge’s voice crackled over the unit. “I’ll have Jackson check with the girls. Bring her on down, and we’ll see if her story checks out.”

“Roger that. Be down in a few.”

Shotgun looked down at her. He was a big man. Big and hard. His face was all hard angles and planes, with a faint scar running down one side of his temple. She could feel hard muscles pressing into every inch of her. There wasn’t a single soft spot on his entire body. Was he enhanced? One of the soldiers they’d fed those experimental drugs to during the provincial wars? That would explain how he’d managed to sneak up on her without her hearing him.

As she watched, a mischievous light danced in the depths of his eyes. He certainly didn’t seem to think she was much of a threat. Maybe she could use that to her advantage

“Looks like we’re going to join the party. Up you get.” He surged to his feet with an innate grace that told her he’d kept up his training after the wars. Holding out a hand to help her up, he still managed to keep that rifle pointed directly at her.

“Fine. Let’s get moving.” She ignored the outstretched hand and stood. “Can I have my rifle back now, please?”

“Has sentimental value, does it?”

“Yeah” She smiled sweetly. “I’ve killed three assholes with it so far, and it’s itching to loose a bullet on the fourth.”





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