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Halloween is Coming – Demon Treat by B.J. McCall Excerpt One

A supernatural being, demons have been prevalent in folklore and fiction since ancient times. They are evil spirits, fallen angels or devils. In modern fiction demons are not always an ugly malevolent characters. Instead, the demon might be a hot sexy, hero, like Brabus of Demon Treat.

On All Hallow’s Eve some demon like to play tricks, but Brabus prefers the treats. Come alone and join Brabus to celebrate a holiday perfect for a demon.



Demons come out of hiding on All Hallow’s Eve to play tricks, but Hekka’s preferred treats are hot, hunky human males. Her favorite club, Sweet Evil, is packed with treats and Hekka is on the prowl.

Brabus is new to the demon world. Although Hekka is a powerful demon and Brabus’ soul is still in limbo, he wants her for his own. It’s All Hallow’s Eve and Brabus isn’t above tricking Hekka into his arms.


“Lower your eyes when a Wicked passes by or you’re likely to lose them,” Syere said. “Hekka’s temper is legendary.”

Reluctantly, Brabus dropped his gaze. New to this domain, Brabus was a Limbo, half demon and half human. His status was uncertain and far below that of a powerful Wicked. Syere, a Myrmidon and Hekka’s enforcer, was offering sage advice.

Always one to challenge the rules, Brabus chanced a peek. “So is her beauty.”

Hekka wore a long, slinky black dress that fit her like a second skin and shimmered as she moved. The cut of her gown displayed her generous breasts and the long slits up the sides showed off her amazing legs. She had the body of a temptress and the face of an angel gone bad. Her hair was as pale as snow, her lips were blazing red and her eyes were as dark as the depths of night.

“I want her.”

Syere shook his horned head. “You’re young and brash.”

After Hekka passed, Brabus raised his head to admire her ass. “I will have her.”

“You Irish always cause trouble.”

Brabus had lost his accent long ago, but the Myrmidons knew everyone’s history, right down to the smallest detail. “It was trouble that got me here. I’m beyond redemption so why change my ways?”

“When I’m ordered to punish you, I’ll remind you of this conversation.”

The sexy blonde was worth it. “Hekka is all dressed up. “Where is she going?”

“To the surface for All Hallow’s Eve.”

All of the demons were going up to wreak havoc tonight except the Myrmidons. “She’s a trickster?”

“A Wicked doesn’t waste their surface time frightening children in costumes. Hekka prefers treats to tricks.”

“Where does she go? What are her proclivities? Her preferred demon treat?”

“Human males. She likes them young, healthy and hung. She picks them up at a club called Sweet Evil.”

Brabus wasn’t completely human anymore, but he met the rest of the criteria. “Sweet Evil it is.”

“If Hekka sees you there, she’ll hurt you. Then when you return, she’ll make me hurt you.”

“Duly noted.”

Hekka wasn’t going to notice a lowly Limbo called Brabus. She was going to meet Lorcan Connely.

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