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Demon Treat by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner. Celebrate the holiday with the characters of Demon Treat.


Demons come out of hiding on All Hallow’s Eve to play tricks, but Hekka’s preferred treats are hot, hunky human males. New to the demon world, Brabus’ soul is still in limbo. He wants Hekka and he isn’t above tricking her into his arms.



Flashing strobe lights and gyrating bodies greeted the eye. Raucous laughter, clinking glasses and hip-hop music battered the ears, but the smell of Sweet Evil was pure human. Drinking and getting high, the humans were ready to sin. Smiling, Hekka scanned the crowd.

One didn’t become a Wicked without sinning in a thousand different ways, but Hekka’s guilty pleasure was human males. The club offered a variety from young to middle-aged, fair to swarthy, black-headed to blonde, thin to buff and handsome to ugly.

Her usual preferences ran to young, blond and buff. Handsome was a must, but tonight Hekka yearned for something different.

She strolled through the club, the humans parting as Hekka made her way to her reserved private booth. Unless they were stupid-in-love or sickeningly pure of heart, the men would come running, willing and wanting to offer themselves to evil without understanding what she was or why their dicks were so hard.

As a Wicked, Hekka emitted a powerful aphrodisiac.

Which one to choose?

A red-haired man caught her eye, but was quickly dismissed as Hekka’s gaze slid over tall, dark and handsome. Instead of wearing a costume, he wore jeans and a black T-shirt. His hair was thick and wavy, barely touching his shoulders. His angular face was arresting. His face was somewhat familiar and sinfully handsome.

Was he one of the celebrities who made secret visits to the domains below without the knowledge of their adoring fans? No, she’d fucked them all and Hekka would have remembered him.

He was taller than average, lean of build with narrow hips and broad shoulders. But it wasn’t just his body that held her attention. It was his eyes.

The color was lost in the flashing lights, but he stared right at her, as if he already possessed her.

A slow shiver of anticipation slid down her spine. Hekka wanted to curl her long, red-tipped finger, giving him permission to approach, but she needed to see if utterly gorgeous lived up to his brazen stare.

She waited.

He took his time, finishing his drink while he looked at her and tipping the bartender before sauntering across the dance floor. He held out his hand. “Fancy a dance, Hekka?”

“You know my name?”

“I tip well.”

“I don’t do hip-hop.”

“Once you press that fabulous body against me I won’t care what the DJ is playing and neither will you.”

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  1. Laurie P says:

    Oh boy, getting better

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