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The First Kiss from Allie Boniface

You know you love it: the moment of that first kiss, when hero and heroine give in to the temptation they can’t fight any longer. Here’s that moment in Between the Sheets, for single mom Andrea and dance instructor Sebastian…


Between the Sheets Cover (1)



He put one finger under her chin. “No regrets,” he said softly. “Not ever.”

Andrea took a deep breath and placed her hands into his. “Okay. Let’s try this again.”

“Better,” he said close to her ear. “Much better.” When she laughed, he could feel it in the tips of his fingers against her spine. They turned. He dipped. They turned again. This was dangerous. He knew it with every passing moment, but he couldn’t stop. Her hair brushed his shoulder as he spun her, and he breathed in the scent of her shampoo. Ayayay. Whatever was happening here wasn’t leading to her bed, but things could get complicated between a man and a woman even without sleeping together. He knew this. Yet all he wanted to do was remain in this cabin and feel her pulse under his touch.

The song ended. Andrea stood motionless in the middle of the cabin, her hand still in his. With their palms touching, he could feel each breath between them. Her chin lifted, her breath caught, and that was all it took. He brushed his lips over hers. So soft. So full. His tongue slipped along her bottom lip, and just like that, she opened her mouth and the kiss deepened. Her hands slipped down his hips, pulling him into her, and a moan broke from her mouth into his. He hardened in an instant and ran one hand over her hair while the other pressed possessively against the small of her back. Then lower, over the smooth curve of her ass under the blue dress that had intoxicated him from the moment he laid eyes on her…


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