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The Cowboy… Is there anything more iconic?

The Cowboy… Is there anything more iconic?


Has any other type of hero captured the imaginations of generations of young boys…and girls? Or the fantasies of thousands of women? Leslie P. Garcia talks about just this in…


Cowboy Up, Cowboy On


Leslie P. Garcia


Shakespeare got it wrong about how much the world loves an actor—because the world loves cowboys more. Don’t believe me? Just take a look around at the books, the music, the men who capture the world’s attention.

You’ll find a lot of men who are cowboys, even if their current residence is a city or their current profession seems to deny the bond to cattle, horses, and independence that first identify the legendary men who have earned the boots and hats they wear even in cities. Even on airplanes or in medical school, probably even in Tokyo, where there just aren’t a lot of ranches.

Cowboys just are, which is why women find them so inescapably attractive.

And it’s really the American cowboy we’re talking about. Yeah, there are huasos in Chile, the legendary gauchos in Argentina, and the vaqueros in Mexico, who greatly contributed to the cowboy we know so well. All of them have some mystique in their own countries, and the vaquero and gaucho are undeniably better known than the huasos. All three groups have rodeos, long and colorful histories, and a passion for being outside, free of office walls and nit-picking bosses.

But—can you name a huaso, gaucho, or vaquero? I’ll accept the traditional Mexican ranchero singers like ‘Chente’ Fernandez and Antonio Aguilar, because they ride and raise exceptional horses. But other than that?

Probably not. It’s the American cowboy, with a reputation for being self-reliant, generally honest, hard to corral but a keeper if you get him, who engenders the passion of women—and readers—the world over.

They’ve been demonized by singers—think of Willie and Waylon warning, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” They’ve been mourned by Garth Brooks, in eulogy to Chris Ledoux, rodeo riders and men of the saddle who left too soon, in “Good Ride, Cowboy.” Glorified by Toby Keith in one of his early songs,“Should Have Been a Cowboy.” And they’ve been analyzed, embraced, scorned, and become part of all of us in Tim McGraw’s hit, “The Cowboy in Me.”

And even with all that, we would love them—which is why I jumped at the chance to participate in Cowboy Up, a collection of 7 short works about cowboys and the 7 women who rope, hogtie and brand them.

You’ll meet cowboys who had fame and shunned it, and cowboys who are being catapulted into the public limelight and fight to avoid it. Men who can weep for a dog, or a child, or a woman, but can help an alpaca give birth or deal with thousand pound bulls without blinking. And you’ll meet women confident enough with their own lives to let a cowboy in—for the first time, or for the time after that.

In “A Cowboy’s Heart,” my hero rides for the Border Patrol mounted unit that helps patrol the south Texas brush land along the Rio Grande. Most of the unit’s horses are mustangs adopted from federal programs, so the agents defend the border while saving precious wild horses from slaughter. Additionally, most of the mounted agents are recruited from ranches in the area, which is about as cowboy as it gets.

So settle in for the ride—seven authentic tales of love from the cowboy perspective. Soul warming stories of valor, loss, and redemption.

Climb on for the ride, and just cowboy up.

It’s a ride we don’t think you’ll forget.


Find A Cowboy’s Heart by Leslie P. Garcia as part of the boxed set of COWBOY UP


a---COVER PHOTO--Cowboy Up


Seven men as tough as the west…

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  1. melissakeir says:

    A Cowboy by any other name is still so stinking cute!

  2. D'Ann says:

    Love me a cowboy!

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