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One Last Thing from Allie Boniface

I’ve had a blast being here today, everyone! Thanks for helping make my release of Between the Sheets so much fun. Remember to sign up for the prizes you want from today’s party. Just click on the link over there on the left sidebar.

Between the Sheets Cover (1)

And now, one last excerpt from my book before I leave today. Don’t forget, it’s on sale over at Amazon today for only $0.99. Not a Kindle owner? Here’s the Smashwords link so you can purchase whatever file works for you!


Sebastian looked at the branches painted on the wall. “Do you know what Miguel Martinez wrote about trees?”

Andrea shook her head.

“’For some, the explosion of summer changes to gold and then black. But there is no death. There is only gentle green again after the snows.’” He caught her soulful eyes with his, and he was lost, drowning in their openness. “He is saying that some trees shed their leaves. Others do not. But the trees are not dying because they lose their leaves. In the springtime, it is just a new life they have, a new choice.”

Her mouth lifted in a small grin. “So you’re saying that some trees are monogamous, and some aren’t? That some people stay with one person for life, and others have a few partners. A new one every time spring comes around.”

“Perhaps Martinez did not mean it so…what do you say…casually? But yes. We find love in different ways and different places. We have to be able to say goodbye when a love ends. And then we have to believe that we will find a new love.” He closed his fingers around hers. Warning bells went off inside his head. Do not. Let go of her hand.  But he couldn’t.

“We aren’t exactly trees, though, are we?” she said.

“We are part of this earth. We grow and change and maybe shed our leaves in the same way. And we all return to the ground in the end.”

She looked at the wall painted in springtime, then back at him, and when her shoulder brushed his, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Cupping the back of her head with his free hand, he drew Andrea’s mouth to his and kissed her. Her breath caught in her throat, a soft gasp, and then her hands were on his face, his chest, in his hair. She opened her lips to him in a rush of heat that pricked every inch of his skin. Her tongue met his. Her fingers moved across the sensitive parts of his jaw and across his chest. He grew hard, aching for her touch, and it took all his willpower not to bring her palm to his groin and move against her…

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