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Excerpt (R): SUNSET BEACH SIZZLE by Carol Burnside

New Release! SUNSET BEACH SIZZLE (Tropical Heat novella, #1)


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9781310515491
Published: 9/19/2014
Available in PDF, .mobi, and ePub
Cover artist:  Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs

When their intense attraction proves irresistible in a “strictly no fraternizing” law firm, divorce attorneys Julia and Cisco find a sweet recipe for relief: a week’s summer vacation on Oahu, sunny beaches and all the sex they can stand. But neither can predict the depth of feelings that grow from their increasingly sensual encounters. Cisco’s plans to leave the Denver firm for one closer to his hometown in Atlanta quickly throw him into a quandary. He’s falling in love and wants more, but will one week be enough time to convince Julia to give their relationship a chance?

Tropical Heat LogoJulia has witnessed her share of ugly, bitter break-ups, including her parents’ marriage and her own with Cisco’s controlling older brother. She’s dismayed to discover Cisco has captured her heart with his optimism, charm and the hottest sex she’s ever known. She hides her feelings while Cisco uses his full arsenal of seductive tactics to make her see that what they’re experiencing together is rare and worth fighting for. With time running out, Julia must decide whether to take a chance on love and a risky career move, or play it safe and lose the man she loves.

– – – – –

Excerpt and setup: Julia arrived in Hawaii earlier in the afternoon for their prearranged affair. Cisco has had flight delays.

May contain explicit language and sexual content.
   Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Cisco was damn tired of the concept by the time he reached the hotel just after 11 p.m. By rights he should be exhausted, and mentally, he was. An energy ran through his body that had nothing to do with what he’d eaten or drunk that day, or the nap he’d gotten on the plane. It had everything to do with the woman who waited for him, the woman he’d had more unfulfilled erections over than any other, the woman who’d tied him in knots for what seemed like forever.

He hoped she’d waited.

Pulling his suitcase behind him, he stuck his key card in the lock and pushed his way inside. One small lamp threw a soft glow across the living area and entry way. Nice touch. No one had left a light burning for him since his mother back in high school.

His gaze swept around the room, noting all the interior doors stood open. A quick check revealed no Julia, but both beds were turned down. What was that supposed to mean?

Leaving his luggage in the entryway, he investigated further. Toiletries lined one end of a vanity. If she wasn’t here, she’d planned on coming back. He could live with that. Barely.

A white square of paper lay in the middle of the marble top. He opened it and smiled. Julia’s clean bill of health. He pulled an identical sheet from his front pocket and placed it over hers. Seemed they were both thorough and considerate. He lifted a bottle of perfume to his nose and inhaled her fragrance, his cock springing to life.

   Down, boy. We’ve got to find her first. And do a little groveling, if he knew women.

No need to check the other bedroom, and he’d seen the living area and small kitchen on the way in. She must have gone downstairs to one of the bars. But which one? Maybe that light hadn’t been for him after all. The thought brought with it a stab of disappointment.

He unbuttoned his dress shirt, pulled it free of his pants and rolled up his sleeves. Next he slipped off his shoes and stepped out onto the lanai. It was dark, but warm, with barely a sliver of moon in the sky. Far below him, tiki torches wavered around a pool. He leaned on the railing, bracing himself with his hands. A briny breeze ruffled his hair and shirt, bringing the ocean to him. He closed his eyes, the tension he’d felt all day easing somewhat.

“Ah, Julia. Where the hell are you?” He threw the quiet words out into the darkness, not expecting an answer, and sighed heavily.

The first touch, roaming feather-like over his shoulder, he attributed to another wild daydream that would leave him hard and aching. The second touch came at his waist, more definite than the first, feminine fingers tracing the band of his pants from side to front.

He drew in a shaky breath and captured her hand beneath his own. His chin lifted skyward in a silent prayer of thanks. “I’m sorry about —”

Shh. It doesn’t matter.” She hugged him from behind, her forehead resting between his shoulder blades. “You’re here now.”

Really? I thought you’d be pissed.” Damn, it felt good, having her hands on him, but it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. With Julia, he was afraid there might never be enough.

“I was. More hurt than pissed when it got late and you didn’t show, then I started worrying. I imagined all sorts of terrible things.”

“Again, I’m sorry. The plane had mechanical trouble. I figured different flights might allay suspicion if Bruce checks —”

Now you want to talk? I can’t get a half dozen words out of you in three months and now you want to talk?”

“I’m not that reticent.” He tugged on her hand, raising one arm to bring her around to his side. She came into view, robbing him of oxygen with a sheer negligee so pale blue it appeared almost white. Bustier, tiny panties and sheer thigh-high stockings completed the ensemble. “Wow.”

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed the transformation. At work, she wore her naturally blonde hair twisted up in the back, minimal makeup, pea-sized pearl earrings and suits both feminine and conservative. The look screamed debutante ice princess.

Here she’d become a siren. Her hair flowed softly around her shoulders, the ends gently lifting in the breeze. She done something to make her eyes more sultry and darkened her full lips, though he couldn’t make out the exact shade in the dim light.

The professional Julia was familiar, comfortable. This one made him feel like a teenager on his first real date. Cisco stepped back, letting his arm fall away from her, and stroked four fingers back and forth across his brow.

“I just realized we don’t know each other. Not really.”

“Sure we do.”

“I rarely saw you when you were with Bruce. We’ve never even been on a date, or talked much beyond work and case law.” He stopped and shook his head, realizing how lame it sounded.     Julia’s note might have urged him to make a move, but they both knew the purpose of coming here. Sex, sex and more sex. He was ready for it. Beyond primed. But the long flight provided time to think.

He wanted more from Julia than a sexual relationship, had found himself wishing they could meet at the gym and work out together, wondered what movies she’d like to see. Could he live with a week-long summer fling and walk away?

“I think we know quite a bit about each other. We’ve worked at the same firm for over a year and closely together for months.”

“Yes, but —”

“Close your eyes.”


“Just do it and hush, will you?”

“Bossy,” he grumbled but complied.

“Keep them closed.” A few seconds passed before he heard a faint click and then Julia was beside him again. She turned him toward her, tugged him a few feet and stopped. “You prefer navy or black suits over brown and gray. Plain or patterned ties over stripes.”

Her hands slid between his pinpoint oxford and undershirt, pushing the fabric behind his shoulders, sliding it off his arms. “You don’t like cucumbers in your salad or mushrooms on your pizza. Coffee is always black, one sugar. You hate artificial sweeteners and you exercise three times a week.”

He flinched as cool fingertips found his heated skin, raising his undershirt up and over his head.     Her hands returned to his pecs and abs, ruffling through the hair dusting them, sending sparks of fire along his spine.

“Oh, and look what all that devotion to fitness has done for you, counselor. Mmm.” Practically purring, she dropped her hands to his belt. The mere fact she was inches away from touching his straining cock made it lengthen even more.

“You drive a black Lexus with grey leather interior, frequent the shoe-shine station in the lobby, and prefer to start your day with a lightly toasted, plain bagel smeared with butter.”

She had his buckle undone now and unhooked the waistband of his slacks. “We may not have dated, but we’ve shared long workdays. We’ve observed each other under a range of conditions, from rested and eager to tackle the day to tired and grumpy.”

He took immense pleasure in knowing she’d noted all those things about him. Her recollections brought several of his own to mind. “I stand corrected, counselor. My turn?”

“Yes. Please.” Her last word came out a bit on the breathless side, causing one side of his mouth to raise.

He opened his eyes and found she’d turned off the one lamp that had provided a little illumination from inside. Even so, his eyes had adjusted to the darkness. He could make out her light outfit and reached for the negligee floating in the slight breeze, thinking back to the many hours they’d worked together. “You prefer a frou-frou Starbucks concoction and a cereal bar or yogurt in the morning, but rarely drink coffee any other time of the day.”

The filmy fabric fell at her feet. The now fully exposed bustier presented a problem. How did he get the damn thing off? As pretty as it was, he wanted to see her, needed to feel the weight and softness of her breasts in his hands.

“Is that all?”

“Patience, babe. I’m being worshipful. This was worth every penny you paid for it, by the way.”

She gave him a pleased smile, while he searched for and found hooks at the lower back of the bustier. “You eat my discarded cucumbers when you think I’m not looking, kick your fancy shoes off under your desk and wear lacy bras that drive me crazy.”

“H-how do you know that?”

The hooks didn’t require all his attention so he pressed open mouthed kisses to the swells of her breasts, tasting her skin. “There are times when you lean across the desk in search of something and your blouse gapes enough for a peek. Tell me you plan that just for me.”

The garment loosened, exposing her. He licked at one rosy nipple.

“Maybe,” she gasped.

He let the bustier drop, forgetting everything else he’d wanted to say.

“Touch me.” Her voice, somewhere between a whisper and a groan, short-circuited his brain. They surged together like magnet to metal, their lips fusing, heat rising.

– – – – –

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  1. Colleen C. says:

    Liking what you have shared!

  2. Colleen C. – congrats! You’ve won a copy of Sunset Beach Sizzle. Contact me at Carol(at)CarolBurnside(dot)com with type of file you’d like (ePub, PDF, .mobi) and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

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