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A Wildly Erotic Elevator Ride from Allie Boniface

Ever take advantage of being the only 2 people in an elevator? Well, Sebastian and Andrea do just that, in Between the Sheets, the third book in the Cocktail Cruise series…


Between the Sheets Cover (1)



The minute the elevator door closed and she pressed the button for Deck Nine, he took her hips in his hands and pressed her against the wall. His mouth caught hers, hard and wanting. Her pelvis tilted toward him in response, and when he leaned against her, the whole, full, hard length of him, she gasped. He rocked against her, slowly, letting her feel his erection, as he continued to kiss her. Her hands went to his ass, strong and taut, and she grew wet as the beginnings of an orgasm hummed through her.

Oh my God he’s going to make me come right here. Fireworks went off behind her closed eyelids, and suddenly she was there, everything between her legs squeezing tightly as release swept over her. The elevator stopped, but he didn’t let her go. Instead he picked her up, pulling her legs around his waist and bracing them both against the wall as he kept moving against her. Her orgasm shifted, keening higher as another took the place of the first – or maybe just continued the first one, she couldn’t tell and didn’t care. She dragged her teeth along his neck, fighting to keep from crying aloud at the pleasure.

Finally he let her go. She sagged against the wall as he propped one arm over her head and nipped at her bottom lip. “I like the way you feel when you come,” he whispered.


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