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A Brief Synopsis to heighten the Mystery of Atlantis Vortex

Doing this in reverse – putting the “blurb” after the excerpts….

A simple pleasure bike ride around Lake Okeechobee in Southern Florida turns into a harrowing, life threatening discovery for Jessica a newly graduated archaeologist. After a painful ‘header’ over the handlebars of her bike she realizes the shape of a lump of mud, revealed by the current drought is really a pyramid. Strangely, finding the pyramid enhanced the ethereal dreams and haunting memories of a mysterious young man who saved her and her parents several years previously.

Xerxes, High Lord of the under-water City of Atlantis, has put watchers on the inscrutable lump and informed of Jessica’s detection now must take action to protect the secrecy of his realm. Ironically, Jessica is the young woman Xerxes saved, along with her parents, several years earlier in a diving accident, and has been in love with since. At the time, to guard his identity, he was forced to cloud their memories with an advanced substance and to his knowledge is still effective. Xerxes quickly develops a plan to allow the beautiful archaeologist to excavate the artifacts and then plans to retrieve them and bring her to Atlantis as his wife, hoping the strong physical attraction they felt upon her rescue, remains.

Xerxes has another security problem, Marcus, a disloyal and power crazed councilor, is attempting to expose Atlantis’ existence in hopes of compromising Xerxes authority and gaining control of the vast under-world kingdom.

While Jessica unearths unbelievable treasures from ancient Egypt without explanation of why or how they came to be there, Xerxes tracks the movements of Marcus inside Atlantis. The summer progress’ and Xerxes places an undercover squad of Atlanteans, posing as U.S. Marines, as security on the dig to protect both the artifacts and Jessica. Jessica and her co-archaeologist, Bruce, both suspect what they have found, but neither will say it. Bruce travels back and forth to the university and isn’t always present on the dig but the Atlantean/Marines protect Jessica from several strange attacks by Mesoamerican men. It comes to Xerxes and his security they think Jessica has been sent as a sacrifice to their god.

Xerxes meets Jessica several times, by chance and by design and finds she still doesn’t remember him, but almost. He looks forward to bringing her to Atlantis, daring to kiss her on one such meeting. Knowing time grow short, he collapses the dig and days later a hurricane finishes the job. During the eye of the storm, Xerxes must come ashore to save Jessica in a dramatic rescue from a sacrificial death but must wait until he can retrieve the artifacts and withdraw his security team before taking Jessica.

At last bringing her to Atlantis the first couple of days are arduous but the attraction between them is not only strong but upon their first meeting when she was rescued years before they had become soul-linked. Their true love for each other blossoms.

Marcus is still at large and puts his ill plans into action. He manages to entrap Jessica and her parents, wounding Jessica in the process and putting her life in grim jeopardy, he doesn’t plan to seek to get her medical help.

Xerxes is desperate to save her. He calls on his brother and an off world Ambassador from Alpha-Centauri to assist in a decisive rescue on two fronts. Jessica is gravely ill and Xerxes sits aboard the Ambassador’s space ship waiting for the alien doctor to save his wife. Life has become a dark hell at the prospect of the only woman he loves laying at deaths’ door.

Xerxes decides he has to be with her regardless of the outcome; he rises from the waiting area and goes to her side….

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