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Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall Excerpt 4 (adult)

Things are going to get hot.


Madison Campbell is a city girl with a unique skill and a troubled past. An empath, public places torment her, and friendships and relationship are difficult. Madison’s boss understands her gift and uses her skill to his advantage. Swaying Thorne Thunder to choose her firm for a lucrative contract is an intriguing assignment. Thorne is sexy hot and Madison connects with the werewolf in an unexpected way.

Any proposed construction on pack land must have Thorne’s backing before being presented to the pack elders. Thorne doesn’t care for Madison’s boss, but the instant attraction he feels for the beautiful personal assistant is profound. One night and he’s hooked.

She’s a loner. He belongs to a wolf pack.

He wants forever. She’s just surviving day by day.

One night. One sexy werewolf. Madison’s life is about to shift.




Thorne had expected Ms. Campbell to change from her business attire to evening clothes, but her classy appearance had far more sex appeal than a low-cut, slit-up-the thigh, jump-my-bones dress.

Most of the women in the bar wore black and exposed a generous amount of cleavage, but Ms. Campbell wore a high-necked, long-sleeved blue dress that fell to her knees. With no visible underwear line, the soft, clinging fabric was far more sensual and showed off the firmness of her breast, the trimness of her waist and the flare of her hips. Her black shoes were open-toed, confirming she wasn’t wearing panty hose. Was it possible she was completely naked beneath her dress?

Heat coiled deep and tight in his middle. Thorne lifted his gaze to her face. She wore her hair up, but in a softer style that enticed him to remove the pins to discover its length. Her lipstick was a deeper shade of pink.

Thorne stood. She moved with grace and smiled as she approached his table. Thorne sensed her female heat. If she were a wolf he’d call it mating heat. He pulled out her chair. “Ms. Campbell.”

She slid into the seat and placed her small clutch bag on the edge of the table. “Mr. Thunder.”

Thorne sat down and the waiter hustled over. “What’s your pleasure, Ms. Campbell?” Thorne asked.

Her gaze met his and held. “Martini.”

Thorne ordered two martinis. They made small talk about the city and the weather until the waiter delivered the drinks.

Ms. Campbell sipped her drink and Thorne was utterly enthralled by the shape of her lips. All sorts of images formed in his brain.

“Very good. Thank you, Mr. Thunder.” She sat down her drink and looked at him. “You liked the design, but you didn’t tell Hadon.”

“The final decision isn’t mine.” He took a drink. “I collect information for the pack elders.”

“But your opinion has weight?”

“If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be good at my job.”

She took another sip. “You’re very good at your job.”

“You did your homework. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

She didn’t bat her eyelashes or flirt. She looked him in the eye. “If I can’t influence you, why did you accept my dinner invitation?”

“You accepted my counteroffer. I didn’t invite to you to talk business.”

Her hesitation was momentary. “Should I take that as a compliment?”

“Definitely, and please call me Thorne.”

“Are we having dinner, Thorne?”

“Yes.” He slid his hand across the table until his fingertips almost touched hers. “Are you staying the night?”

“You’re direct. I like that.”

He waited for her answer to his question. “Steak and sex. I like both.”


Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall/Changeling Press


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  1. veronique c. says:

    Hmmm Thorne, can’t wait.

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