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Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall Excerpt 3 (adult)

I love alpha male heroes and I really fell in love with Thorne .


Madison Campbell is a city girl with a unique skill and a troubled past. An empath, public places torment her, and friendships and relationship are difficult. Madison’s boss understands her gift and uses her skill to his advantage. Swaying Thorne Thunder to choose her firm for a lucrative contract is an intriguing assignment. Thorne is sexy hot and Madison connects with the werewolf in an unexpected way.

Any proposed construction on pack land must have Thorne’s backing before being presented to the pack elders. Thorne doesn’t care for Madison’s boss, but the instant attraction he feels for the beautiful personal assistant is profound. One night and he’s hooked.

She’s a loner. He belongs to a wolf pack.

He wants forever. She’s just surviving day by day.

One night. One sexy werewolf. Madison’s life is about to shift.


Thorne turned to Ms. Campbell. “It was a pleasure.”

She handed him a portfolio. “I’ll show you to the elevator.”

Thorne nodded and followed in Ms. Campbell’s scented wake. As they approached the elevator she asked him if the hotel she’d recommended had met his expectations.

“I’m very comfortable, thank you.” While they waited for the elevator car Thorne asked for her card. “In case I have any questions.”

She removed a card from the pocket of her jacket. “How long are you staying in town?”

He glanced at the card, noting it had her number written by hand on the back. “Until tomorrow,” he said, changing his plans on the spot. He’d already checked out of his hotel and had his bag in his SUV. For Ms. Campbell, he’d rearrange his schedule and rent a suite.

“Any plans for dinner tonight?”

Thorne realized her invitation was likely part of Hadon Strong’s strategy for winning the contract, but he didn’t care. He wanted to bury his face in her soft curves and breathe in her scent. “I’m free.”

“The restaurant at your hotel is famous for their steak. How does eight sound, Mr. Thunder?” Her voice held a seductive edge. She raised her hand, her fingers hovering an inch from his arm, but she didn’t touch him. “Dinner on the company, of course.”

“The bar stocks excellent wine and spirits. How does seven sound, Ms. Campbell? On me.” All over me. Before me. Beneath me. Those beautiful legs wrapped around me.

The elevator arrived and the doors slid open. Ms. Campbell’s gaze met his. Her eyes were bright and her lips trembled.

Thorne sensed her rising heat and her fragrant female scent pulled at him. He wanted to move closer, to take her into his arms, but Thorne didn’t move.

“Seven. I’d be delighted.” She leaned toward him ever so slightly. “I’m going to convince you that Strong Structural Designs is the company you want.”

The sultry tone of her voice added to the sensation. Thorne’s reaction was hot and heavy. She was going to fuck him. He knew she was getting paid to do it and his pride smarted, but Thorne wanted her, at any price.


Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall/ Changeling Press


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