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Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall Excerpt 1 (adult)

Welcome to the party. Today, I’ll be posting excerpts from my latest release. Thorne is the first book in the Thunder Wolves series. 


Madison Campbell is a city girl with a unique skill and a troubled past. An empath, public places torment her, and friendships and relationship are difficult. Madison’s boss understands her gift and uses her skill to his advantage. Swaying Thorne Thunder to choose her firm for a lucrative contract is an intriguing assignment. Thorne is sexy hot and Madison connects with the werewolf in an unexpected way.

Any proposed construction on pack land must have Thorne’s backing before being presented to the pack elders. Thorne doesn’t care for Madison’s boss, but the instant attraction he feels for the beautiful personal assistant is profound. One night and he’s hooked.

She’s a loner. He belongs to a wolf pack.

He wants forever. She’s just surviving day by day.

One night. One sexy werewolf. Madison’s life is about to shift.


Madison Campbell touched up her lipstick, slipped on her suit jacket and left her office through a back door that opened into a private corridor. She tapped lightly at a closed door before entering the executive office.

Heels sinking into thick gray carpet, she stepped inside.

Dressed in a dark gray suit, her boss, Hadon Strong, was staring at his computer screen.

“Good morning, Hadon.”

He looked up, focused his gray eyes on her and watched her walk to the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city. The view was impressive to those privileged enough to be invited into Hadon’s office. “Nice suit.”

Nice meant he approved. Hadon had groomed Madison for the position of personal executive assistant and he’d made it clear from day one that she was to complement him at all times, but never to overshadow. Madison wore dark or muted colors and kept her jewelry at a minimum.

Five years ago he’d pulled her out of hell, rehabilitated her and given her stability and direction. In return, she gave him loyalty, usually worked a minimum of twelve hours six days a week and never took a sick day or requested vacation time.

Although she had an office at Strong Structural Design, Madison wasn’t on the company payroll. Hadon paid her salary.

“Are we meeting the client here or in the conference room?”

“Here. I want this bridge contract.”

Hadon divided business clients into groups, those he deemed worthy enough to meet personally and those who were fobbed off to the chief architect or chief engineer. If Hadon wanted to build the bridge over the Thunder River, he needed Thorne Thunder.

“Have you memorized Thorne’s dossier?”

“I have,” Madison said, thinking that information on the Thunder wolves was sketchy. “Shifters are difficult. I can’t guarantee my impressions.”

“He may be a freak, but he’s male. Find out what he’s thinking. What he wants.”


Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall is available from Changeling Press

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  1. veronique c. says:

    Look for to reading, love the excerpt.

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