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The Blackthorne, Inc. Team Returns

background samplesmall backgroundGood morning from high up in the Colorado Rockies, where fall is in the air. I’m Terry Odell, the author of the Pine Hills Police series, the Blackthorne, Inc. series, and for those who enjoy mysteries, the Mapleton Mystery series.

I’m excited to be here today to share my upcoming release, Windswept Danger, the 6th book in my Blackthorne, Inc. cover ops romantic suspense series. Readers of my series wanted to know when I was going to write about Hotshot, and others wanted to know more about Olivia, so here they are together in the same book.

I had a lot of fun writing it, and I’ll be sharing excerpts throughout the day. These excerpts haven’t been seen by anyone else, yet; you’re the first! I’ve promised a copy of When Danger Calls, the first book in the series to one commenter. However, if The Romance Studio folks don’t mind, I’ll amend that to a download of any one of my e-books. Any book, any series, winner’s choice of format. You can see them all on my website.

Windswept Danger takes place in the Colorado mountains, not far from where I live. In fact, I took pictures for the background of the cover right down the street. I think my cover artist did a great job adapting them into a book cover. (No, the “Hotshot” on the cover doesn’t live in the neighborhood—too bad.)


In addition to Hotshot and Olivia, you’ll get to visit with some familiar Blackthorne, Inc. team members. Ryan, Dalton, and Fozzie are back, as are Horace Blackthorne and his new wife, Grace. Grinch, who ‘retired’ in Danger in Deer Ridge, makes an appearance as well.

The Stepford Wives meet Hotel CaliforniaCan a feisty secu­rity agent who hates tak­ing orders and a covert ops spe­cial­ist who has some­thing to prove, put aside their own dif­fer­ences and their own agen­das long enough to uncover the secrets of Windswept Heights?

Black­thorne, Inc. medic Glenn “Hot­shot” McCade itches to get away from what he con­sid­ers milk run assign­ments after being injured on a pre­vi­ous op. Does the boss think Hot­shot can’t pull his weight on a real mis­sion any­more? What are a few night­mares? Noth­ing he can’t han­dle. Aches and pains? He’s had worse. When he’s given an “eyes-on” only mis­sion, and paired with a woman—a part-timer who works Secu­rity, not Covert Ops—he wor­ries that his future with Black­thorne, Inc. is on the line. Is she there to eval­u­ate his per­for­mance? The mis­sion? Sim­ple. Locate a woman, believed to be at a super-private com­pound for the rich and famous, and report back. Noth­ing more. His cover? Pre­tend to be a filthy-rich, arro­gant adven­turer and infil­trate the com­pound. But inside the mys­te­ri­ous Windswept Heights, he finds a lot more than his tar­get. Should he stick to the rules, or fol­low his gut?

Olivia Fair­banks is con­tent with her two part-time jobs. She’s a Physician’s Assis­tant in an all-female prac­tice, and works Secu­rity for Black­thorne, Inc. After grow­ing up forced to believe her only func­tion in life is to be the sub­servient wife of a rancher or farmer, she’s finally rec­og­nized she’s any man’s equal. When Mr. Black­thorne sum­mons her for a new assign­ment, she’s sur­prised to find it’s a Covert Ops job, albeit a sim­ple one. Her role is to mas­quer­ade as an assis­tant to one of the Black­thorne Covert Ops team mem­bers, but she reminds her­self that she’s second-fiddle to him only for the pur­pose of this assign­ment. It’s her cover, not her life. Still, old feel­ings of resent­ment and inad­e­quacy sur­face. Before long, their sim­ple mis­sion turns into some­thing far more com­plex, and with much dead­lier con­se­quences. Will she con­vince Hot­shot McCade to accept her as his part­ner? And can she deal with the roman­tic feel­ings spring­ing up between them?

Watch as things heat up in this sixth book in Terry Odell’s pop­u­lar Black­thorne, Inc. action adven­ture romance series. Hot­shot, the team medic, is paired with Olivia, whom read­ers might remem­ber from Dan­ger in Deer Ridge. The action will leave you as breath­less as the high-altitude Rocky Moun­tain set­ting.

Although Windswept Danger won’t be released until October 27th, it’s available for pre-order now at Kobo, iTunes, and Amazon. And, to sweeten the pot, although the price will be $3.99 when it’s released, if you pre-order, you can get it for 99 cents. That’s a $3 savings. Why the low price? Because it’s asking readers to trust that they’re getting something they can’t preview. But, because I don’t think you should have to take a chance, the entire first chapter is on my website.

If you like what you see, you can pre-order Windswept Danger at these three e-stores (they’re the only ones that let indie authors set up pre-orders)




While you’re there, I hope you’ll check out all the books in the series, especially Dangerous Connections, book 5 in the series, which features Jinx, the intel-gatherer. He got yanked away from his computers and was stuck in the field. I’m proud that it’s a finalist in the Aspen Gold contest.

I’ll be back with more throughout the day. But first, I think some coffee is in order. And, when you comment, let me know which book you’d like to win if your name is drawn.


  1. veronique c. says:

    Love the pics, looks so peaceful. I can’t wait to read this book, but I have to start on all your series they sound good.

    Hidden Fire, *mobi*

  2. Colleen C. says:

    I do not think I have Jinx’s story… I have to double check…

    • Terry Odell says:

      Jinx’s book is Dangerous Connections. He was a lot of fun to write, since he’s a computer geek, not a field operative. (Of course, I gave him Elle to help him over the rough spots.)

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