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Sometimes things get personal – Excerpt from Lucien & Serenity by Brita Addams


USA Today Recommended Read

In Lucien and Serenity, Lucien, owner of the infamous Sapphire Club, must deal with the everyday problems of running a business. However, sometimes, things get personal. Please enjoy this excerpt.

Chapter Two

Do you know anything?” Lucien asked as he stepped into Prentice’s


Prentice’s dark expression set fear into Lucien’s soul. “I just heard, not

an hour ago. They found her in an alley in Cheapside. Whoever dumped

her there had very little regard. My men took her into their care. They await

word as to what to do next. I am sorry, old man.”

Lucien slumped his shoulders as he stared at his old friend. “My God. I

never thought he had it in him.”

“Pressed into action, I suppose any of us could. What do you plan to do?”

“We have no proof, do we?”

“My man says she was strangled. Other than that, she bore no signs.

Did anyone see her at his address?”

“I don’t know. She told Haynes she had an appointment with Simon,

but that isn’t evidence as far as Bow Street is concerned. Perhaps he’ll

break under questioning, but his arrogance tells me he won’t.”

“What of the boy?”

Lucien stared out the window, too numb to reconcile all that had

happened. “I’ll keep him with me.”

“Won’t your lovely bride have something to say about that?”

Lucien laughed. “I apparently proved too great a fright on our wedding

night. She left me a missive, stating that she cannot act as my wife.”

Prentice rounded on him, his jaw slack. “You married her but yesterday.”

“And she apparently left my rooms shortly after a sound, if unsatisfactory,

bedding. Yes, I am a married man with no wife, and now I have a son. Ain’t

life full of surprises?”

“What do we do about the body?”

Lucien thought for several moments. “I’ll notify the mortuary to expect

her. She deserves a decent burial.”

“I agree. Let me know when it is. I don’t suppose she had many who

truly cared about her.”

“A friend, Suzette Hawkins. Haynes will know her direction, as well as

anyone else who might care.”

“I am sorry,” Prentice said as he drew Lucien into his embrace. “She

didn’t deserve this.”

Hmm. Watch this part of the story play out in Lucien & Serenity. Someone will get their comeuppance.

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