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Red Sage Publishing Presents: An Excerpt From Dark Fire by M. S. Keyton (Rated for a Mature Audience)


Title: Dark Fire

Author: M.S. Keyton

Category: Paranormal /Dark Fantasy, Historical, Erotica

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance/ Erotic Fantasy Romance

Length: Novella – 90 pages

MSRP/List Price: $3.75

Our Cover Price: $3.29

Available Format: ePub, PDF, HTML mobi

ISBN: 9781603108676

Where to Purchase:


She opened the door wearing a man’s shirt, which stopped around the middle of her thighs. She stepped back unbuttoning the shirt, her breasts rising against the thin white cotton.

Verity grinned at me, and I awoke.

It was the first of many dreams that night, each one about Verity in provocative dress, coming towards me, willing me back. And through them all, Laura slept as one dead. Several times I touched her, hoping she might wake, and each time I felt guilty and turned, drifting back into sleep.

A cry awakened me. A fox, I thought, their cry at night so much like that of an infant. I absorbed the quietness of the room, the slow ticking of the clock, the duvet wrapped around me like a padded shroud. I made my way cautiously towards the window and there drew back the curtains, finding to my surprise the window wide open. At first I saw nothing, my eyes being still thick in sleep and then, across from me, I saw her. It was, or appeared to be, a woman crouched panther–like on one of the larger branches of a garden tree. She was looking at me, her eyes, grey and luminous, her hair flowing darkly across pale shoulders. It was Verity Strong.

“Raelph…dost thou forsake me?”

Then with a suddenness that made my heart kick against my chest, she jumped, jerking to a quick shuddering halt as the noose around her neck tightened. The image faded as I watched and with it went my resolve not to visit Susan the following day.


Reviews for Dark Fire:

A remarkable tale with excellent writing August 8, 2014

By Juan Carlos Jimenez

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I’m no stranger to M.S. Keyton’s prose. Propped by a dram of Lagavulin, I settled down to read with the trepidation a child waits for the roller coaster to slip its moorings. Dark Fire is not an easy read: Keyton’s intricate plots demand absolute concentration and a keen eye for the crumbs this writer sows to keep dazzled readers on the right track. Of course, Keyton disguises the crumbs as tame-sounding snippets of narrative or dialogue, such as the brilliant: “We will always be hunted. We will always escape.” “Always?” “So long as you find me in time” These three lines, repeated like a mantra through the text, hold the key to unravel a labyrinthine love story that transcends time and reality. As I turned pages suffused with extraordinary eroticism, the kind that doesn’t offend the eye but has remarkable invigorating effects, I dreaded the inevitable end of a tale that should have been novel length. I went to bed thinking of Raoul, or was it Ralph? Raelph? “She had a soft Californian accent that elongated the vowels and did strange things to my name.” I must confess that reading Dark Fire did strange things to my otherwise regular sleep pattern.


Fantasy, Magic and Love that spans centuries. August 4, 2014

By Jackie Burris

Format:Kindle Edition

Read on July 31, 2014


Dark Fire is a tale of passion, obsession, lust, love, betrayal, possession, reincarnation and dark magic that spans centuries of time. In the guise of Verity Strong we find Simone at the mercy of those who have cast themselves in the role of judge and jury, sentenced as a witch Verity finds herself being hounded by Melchior Hyde who cannot hide his lust for her even while he condemns her as a harlot in Satan’s service. To go into great detail would lead to spoiling the read for others but even though that is true will tell you that the way that past and present mesh leads the plot through an intricate dance that will both tantalize as well as scandalize the reader here and there as the characters enact their roles. I have to say that it got confusing here and there as Raoul became Ralph and Simone became Verity, the real twist though is waiting to see how the pair manage to connect again and again. The question you must ask yourself is will the pair finally be able to converge into the same time to be together forever and if so how? Read the book to find out, you will be drawn into a tale of fantasy you will enjoy!

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