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Prentice & Desiree excerpt – by Brita Addams


To this point in the story of Prentice & Desiree, several years have passed and Prentice has matured. He is ensconced in the decadence of the Sapphire Club and helps out with clients requests for his particular expertise, which is spanking arses. This scene is self-explanatory and gives you a glimpse into the world of the Sapphire Club.


London, England

His foot propped up on the andiron, the impatient Marquess of

Wycroft stared into the fire, his hair mussed, his cravat unbound,

and the billowy sleeves of his ivory lawn shirt rolled to his elbows. Doing

a favor for a friend shouldn’t provoke welling anger, but the impertinence

put him on edge.

He sipped his smoky scotch and…waited.

The door opened a jot, much to his relief. “At last and about time. Come in.”

On creaky old hinges, the door opened fully. The young woman entered

on tiptoes, wrapped from head to toe in a beige cashmere cloak. “I apologize

for my tardiness, My Lord.”

“You’re here now. I suspect you were hesitant to meet with me, no?”

The young maiden flushed a pretty shade of pink. “I confess to

embarrassment. When my fiancé informed me that he’d made this

appointment, I inquired as to your reputation.”

Prentice arched a brow. “And?”

“Because I love my intended, I am willing to take instruction from you.”

“Shall we start, then?”

The woman nodded, though she trembled as though she might come apart.

He approached her with slow strides, more to set the tone than to

intimidate. Her slumped shoulders deterred from her rather attractive

mien, but her eyes held a sincerity he hadn’t seen in an age.

He stopped in the middle of the room, amused that she had licked her

lips and taken several steps back.

“Mr. Hundley requests I give you instruction, something I cannot do if

you remain across the room.”

“I am sorry, My Lord.”

As she neared, her smile grew weaker. Her hair, almost as blond as his

own, framed her face in ringlets.

“Have you come here of your own volition?”

“I have. I wish to be the wife my fiancé expects me to be.”

“Very good.”

“What is your name?”


“Tell me what Mr. Hundley has told you about what I do.”

“He wants a wife who will take a spanking as part of our marriage. He

says spankings will enhance our, ah, intimate life.” Her flush deepened to

crimson. “He wants you to spank me, so I will know what a real spanking

feels like. He says I will have many, and he’ll have a wife no other way. We

agreed that he shouldn’t spank me before we married, so he brought me

here, in secret, of course.”

“Well, then, shall we get started?”

She worried her hands. “I-I suppose so.”

He walked to the settee he’d placed in the middle of the room. “Come to

me, Susan.” He raised his arm and beckoned her forward.

“There are several reasons a man spanks his wife. I am a strong

proponent when a couple engages in spanking to enhance their sexual

relationship. I don’t, however, believe in spanking as punishment. That is

brutish behavior and quite different. When done properly, a spanking is a

very erotic method of seduction.”

“From what he has told me, he intends to use spanking as you describe.”

“I’m happy to hear that. Now, with your permission, I’ll spank you with

my hand, through your clothes.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Prentice settled against the back of the settee and he patted his leg. “Lie

across my lap.”

She demurely draped herself across his knees.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, sir.”

She tensed when he skimmed his hand over her bottom.

“I won’t touch you in the same erotic fashion he will, but understand

that touching is a great part of the process. Nor will I inspect your reddened

cheeks. Something else to remember. He will likely always spank you on

the bare, which of course, I will not.” He smacked her right cheek.

She squirmed. “Eek.”

Prentice rubbed his hand over his work, and then struck her left cheek.

She sniffled, but made no other sound.

“Were you ever spanked as a child, Susan?”

“Yes, all the time.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“No, sir. My father spanked me, sir.”

“Only your husband can truly show you the erotic value of spanking. Be

sure he doesn’t spank you harder than you wish him to.”

The young woman simply nodded.

He gave her several more quick smacks, followed by a harsh hand rub,

and then a few more for good measure. “You’ve done very well. Remember

the things I’ve told you. Mr. Hundley is a reasonable man.” He set her to

her feet. “We are finished here.”

He walked to the mantel and took up his glass of scotch. “Have you

any questions?”

“No, sir.”

“Then I wish you happy in your marriage.”

“Thank you.” She picked up her cloak, and with stiff dignity, strode

from the room.

We wish little Susan a happy marriage and we hope she finds joy in what her husband wants from her. Do you think Prentice will emerge from his dark mood? Could his salvation be on the other side of the wall – watching his every move?

At eleven eastern time, I will post a preview of Thornhill’s Dilemma, due to release at Musa Publishing on November 7th.

Don’t forget Musa Publishing’s wonderful celebratory sale!


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