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Bruised by Sean Michael, available for pre-order!

Totally Bound have reprinted Bruised for me! Johnson and Billy are hot hot hot, even if I do say so myself. Their song was Hurt so Good – I swear I heard it playing in my head the entire time I wrote them. I still do whenever I type out the book title.

It’s currently available to pre-order at Totally Bound and will be available there for early down load on September 19, and for general release on October 17).

They did a yummy new cover for it!


Johnson and Billy come from different parts of the country, different backgrounds and different places in their lives. Maybe different is exactly what they both need.
Johnson figures it’s got to be a sign when cowboy Billy shows up at his garage after hours, just as he’s about to go find someone to spend the night with. He’s horny enough that a lot of guys would look good, but Billy seems special somehow.

Billy thinks Johnson’s the hottest ticket he’s seen since he moved to California from Texas, and after a good meal and some good fun, he takes Johnson home. They both find out they’re getting more than they bargained for. Can Johnson and Billy figure out why they feel so connected and can they make it last once reality sets back in?


Sean Michael

smut fixes everything –


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