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“A Portal in Time:” (A Paranormal/Historical Romance concerning Intuition)

APortalinTime 448x336Anna Lucera, the main character in my Paranormal/Historical Romance, “A Portal in Time” has what I call “dependable intuition”, which is what drives the entire story in such a way that it is an unfolding of events. I chose to give Anna a heightened sense of intuition because I believe most women are aware that intuition has played a role at one time or another in their life. They point to coincidence, precognitive insight, or perhaps a gut-level feeling that has proven to be amazingly accurate. They report a sense of the uncanny in an episode with awe, or perhaps gratitude at the feeling of a type of magical helpfulness that has sprung from deep within. I know this has been the case with me, and I have always been fascinated in the subject.
Years ago, after having read untold books on the subject of intuition out of sheer curiosity and a desire to become educated, I unexpectedly fell into conversation with a passing acquaintance who told me about a woman that taught classes in developing intuition. Intrigued, I called the woman and spoke to her at length about her curriculum. I told her I didn’t want to get all weird about things; I wanted to stay grounded in the real world, yet still believed intuition is a reality and if one can actually be taught to develop theirs, then I’m all in!
For a year and a half, on the first Sunday of every month, I drove to class in Venice, California. Class lasted for five hours, and there were three students besides myself. The teacher was what is known as a clairvoyant healer, as in, she intuits energetic information through visual images that spring to mind. We began by discussing energy. We learned about the chakra system then moved on to the auric field and its seven layers, which correspond to the chakra system. We explored how each of us perceived information, and I learned some people do so visually, others through feeling, others audibly, and still others with an iron-clad “sense of knowing.” There was much more to my year and a half of learning, but what I’ve come to believe is yes, intuition can be developed! This is why I wrote “A Portal in Time.”
In “A Portal in Time,” I painted Anna Lucera as a spirited, slightly off-beat, unpredictable character whom her paramour finds absolutely fascinating. Because she is naturally intuitive, she decides to do the responsible thing and learn everything she can about her ability by going to class!
If you are interested in the subject of intuition and the by-products that come into a life because of its development, then “A Portal in Time” is the book for you!


West Hollywood, California

“What’s this all about?” Lucia pulled out a chair

across from her sister. They sat outside on the sidewalk

in front of the King’s Head Café in West Hollywood

amidst the hum of traffic and the flow of patrons looking

for available seating on Beverly Boulevard. “You

sounded funny on the phone.”

“I sounded funny?”

“You sounded mysterious,” Lucia clarified.

“I didn’t want to get into it on the phone. I thought

I’d wait to talk to you in person.”

“All right, I’m listening.” Lucia settled back into her

chair and looked at Anna expectantly.

“You’re not going to believe this, but Kevin brought

up the subject of marriage the other day.”

“Why wouldn’t I believe that? It’s perfectly

understandable to me. Isn’t it to you?” Lucia laughed.

“What did you say when he brought up the subject?”

“I skirted the issue, of course.” Anna’s tone

suggested Lucia should know that.

“Wait a minute, did he just bring up the subject or

did he ask you to marry him?”

“Well, it seemed to me he was testing the waters, but

what he said was ‘God help me, I’m married to a witch.’

I’m not sure I was supposed to hear it, but that’s exactly

what he said,” Anna told her.

A Portal in Time


“Wait a minute, back up, I’m getting lost. Were you

doing something that made him call you a witch, or was

he just making a general observation because he’s had

enough time to realize that you are a little touched in that


“In what way?” Anna sounded defensive.

“Come on, Anna, anyone who knows you knows

you’re bent towards the uncanny, and I mean that with

nothing but love.” Lucia tried to suppress a smile.

“You’re the same way that Mom was—obviously these

things run in families.”

Anna felt the immediate tug of her heartstrings at

the mention of their mother, who had died of leukemia

two and a half years earlier. Her illness had been a

harrowing experience to both her and Lucia, absolutely

draining them emotionally for the two years prior to her

death. Her slow decline compounded the loss of their

father when they were only teenagers, and now that both

parents were gone, Anna and Lucia only had each other.

Anna conjured the memory of their mother’s face, her tall

elegance, and demure ways, and recalled that she, too,

had an intuitive ability that everyone who knew her

remarked upon.

“I don’t know that I’m anywhere near the way Mom

was.” Anna leaned back. “Do you remember how she

always knew what we were up to when we were little?

There was no point in ever trying to fool her about

anything because she always knew the truth.”

“Of course, because you’ve always been a terrible

liar. Everything you’re thinking is always written on

your face. You were the one who always gave us away to

Mom, not me,” Lucia reminded.

Claire Fullerton


“That’s not entirely true,” Anna volleyed. “I

remember the time you tried to sneak out the upstairs

window at night and found Mom sitting on the garden

bench under the tree you used because she’d picked up

on what you were thinking practically before you even

decided to do it. She could tell just by looking at you!”

“You’re right about that.” Lucia nodded. “Mom was

something else altogether, wasn’t she? I’m convinced she

was clairvoyant. I think she knew how to read us both. I

really do miss her every day. I think of her every time I

see a sunset, every time I feel the change of seasons in the

air, every time I see the full moon. She made such an

event out of the little things in life, didn’t she?”

“She definitely did. She placed great importance on

ceremonies and symbolism and things like that,” Anna

said. “I see so many things the same way she did because

she taught us how.”

“I do, too. What she did to the exact spot where Dad

had his car wreck is a perfect example.”

“Well, a lot of people do a similar thing. I see

markers on the side of the road all the time. Standing

crosses with bouquets of flowers under them at the scene

of a fatal accident. It’s a commemoration of a particular

place where something significant happened.”

“Yes, but it was so much more to Mom than that,”

Lucia reminded Anna. “That’s why she buried the key

where Dad got in the accident. Do you recall that night?

It was only two days after Dad died, but somehow Mom

managed to set aside her grief in order to take care of

business. She woke us up after midnight and told us to

get in the car because we were going to conduct a


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