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Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 3

This post is the first kiss between Anexa and Davis. I love the excitement of writing the first kiss between my hero and heroine. I want to share this moment with you and hope you feel the heat.


Spaceport Volume 1: Scavenger Excerpt 3

Conversation came easy with Davis. As a security equipment salesman, he’d traveled through most of the Allied held space and had visited some of the interesting spaceports and planets her father had told her about. Places a spaceport kid only saw in vids.

Davis was more than a sexy-as-hell, hard body hunk; he was interesting and had a great sense of humor. Having been raised on-planet, or dirtside as the spaceport population referred to those lucky enough to take natural gravity for granted, Davis had attended an AP-sanctioned school and had served in the military. He’d seen plants and trees growing in the ground, picked flowers and had swum in the ocean. Things Anexa had only imagined doing.

“Where did you receive your pilot training?” he asked, refilling her glass.

“My father taught me how to fly. At six I was learning basic engine maintenance.”

“I grew up on the Karang Guni. It’s home. I’ve never lived in port.”

“So scavenging is a family business?”

“My father ran cargo between Adana and the Pakit system. Before he died I joined the Guild and became a scavenger.” No point in telling him her father had been a smuggler, fatally wounded during a weapons buy gone wrong. On his deathbed, he’d made her promise to go legit. Except for the drone and foraging without a permit, she’d managed to keep her word. “I’ve got to go. Thanks, I enjoyed the rum and the conversation.”

“I’ll walk you to your ship.” “It’s a long walk.”

Davis picked up her hand, rubbed his thumb over her palm. “The longer, the better.”

He held her hand as they walked, the simple gesture forging a temporary, but tangible connection.

During the elevator ride to the docking level, Davis drew her close. Anexa liked his size and the way her body fit to his. Slow down. No man is perfect. But this is as close as it gets.

Their strides lengthened as they approached the Guni’s berth. The aging freighter sat on launch skids with an access chute attached to its portside hatch. When they reached the berth Davis stared at the freighter. “Something wrong?”

He slid his arm around her waist. “How does she fly?”

“Better than she looks.”

“Can she sustain hyper-speed?”

“She’s fast enough.”

He drew her close. Desire burned in his eyes. Letting anyone other than her crew, especially a stranger, aboard while the mangled drone rested in her cargo bay wasn’t the best idea, but Anexa was tempted.

Davis slanted his head, giving her plenty of notice of his intention before he kissed her. Anexa lifted her mouth to his. Temptation slid into attraction as his mouth moved over hers. She could always lock down the Guni’s cargo bay. Hot, sultry, slow and lush, Davis knew how to meld mouths. If he made love as well as he kissed…

Anexa gripped his body shirt, clutching at the tight fabric, digging her fingertips into the thick, hard muscle beneath. Ohhhhhh! He felt so good. Tasted good, too. By the time he ended the kiss, Anexa’s heart thundered and her breath came in short gasps. Attraction slipped into hot surrender.


She liked the way he said her name and she loved the way he smelled, clean and masculine. “Hmmmm.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

Heat coiled and a delicious throb began between her legs. Anexa touched her palm to the security screen. With a hiss, the airlock panels whirled open like the petals of a flower. Anexa stepped through the airlock. He followed her across the access chute and into the narrow hatch.

“Welcome aboard the Karang Guni.” He glanced around. Anexa followed his gaze, suddenly aware of how the old ship must look. A decent coat of paint would cover the decades of discoloration and one of these days she’d have enough credits to give the ship some spit and polish, but the engine and nav systems were more important. “The Guni isn’t pretty, but she’s all mine.”

His gaze settled on her, hot and intense. He hooked a finger beneath her chin and brushed his lips to hers. “She has a beautiful captain.”

Shivers slid down Anexa’s spine.

He pulled the collar of her jacket aside and nuzzled her neck, pressing soft kisses to her quivering skin. “Beautiful and soft.”

Given more time, the man could talk her clothes off, but right now Anexa just hungered for his hard male body. Silken tongues had other uses, too.

The stories of Spaceport Volume 1

Security by Shelby Morgen: Commander Kala Decoltéir always gets her man, and she wants the space pirate they call Dancer — no matter who — or what — he is. This time, Dancer has no escape.

Trash & Treasure by Mikala Ash: Award-winning reporter for the Adana Observer Holly Barberossa finds herself once again in her natural environment, hot water.

Bite by Marteeka Karland: The last thing Dryson expects when he takes his latest shipment of smuggled goods to Spaceport Adana is to end up with a Rajian sex slave, Sasha. Sasha is a force to be reckoned with, and her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Scavenger by B.J. McCall: Scavenging space junk isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up.

Available now at Changeling Press


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  1. Tawania says:

    I love the Spaceport series too. It’s one of the reasons I love Sci-Fi romance. Great excerpt! I’m looking forward to reading more,

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