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Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2

Meet Lt. Davis Darkano, the hero of Scavenger.

Davis of the Allied Planet Security is a Patrol pilot. His job is to catch smugglers and pirates operating in AP controlled space. While on patrol looking for a missing drone, Davis encouters a Raven class freighter, a scavenger junk collector working illegally in a restricted zone. The Raven takes off and Davis persues. During the chase Davis can’t help but admire the skill of the freighter’s pilot. The freighter escapes into the free zone, but Davis swears one day he’ll catch the scavenger.

Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger Excerpt 2

Davis sipped his rum, savoring the smooth taste as it slid over his tongue. The bartender had said it was from Old Earth and worth the hefty price. Davis agreed. He wondered if the red-haired woman liked rum. Her amazing hair and lithe body had caught his eye. Instead of visiting the Red Light District and indulging his needs as planned, Davis had chased after her, but had lost her in the crowded mall.

When she’d walked into Haze and passed within two feet of him, she’d taken his breath away along with his ability to speak. Her eyes were green, snapping fire, and her lips were lush. The sway of her hips was so mesmerizing Davis had to follow. He wanted to know her name and ached to learn every curve and hollow of her body.

Now that her companions had left, Davis waited for the beauty to look his way. When her gaze finally met his, he smiled. “Can I offer you a drink?”

To his surprise, she rose from her chair and walked up to his table. Taking the glass out of his hand, she sipped the rum, closing her eyes as she swallowed.

Her neck was long and slender, her skin pale and flawless, her long hair like silken flames. Despite the drab green trousers and old brown jacket she wore, Davis thought she was sexier than the barely dressed women hawking their bodies in the Red Light District.

When she looked at him and smiled, his heart tumbled and a fierce ache stabbed his balls. She licked the rum glistening on her lips and handed Davis the glass. The ache turned into a deep throb.

“Delicious.” She slid into the booth next to him. “Thanks. I’m Anexa Loy.”

“Davis Darkano. I’ll get you a glass.”

“No need. I can’t stay long.”

Davis took a drink and handed her the glass. “Then we’ll share.”
She smiled and desire swamped him. Davis understood horny. He lived in that state of unreleased sexual tension between his visits to Spaceport, but the heat Anexa evoked rolled through him hot and heavy. He tugged on the collar of his body shirt.

Anexa sipped slowly, savoring the rum. “I haven’t tasted quality like that in a long time.”

“I have a whole bottle.”

She glanced at her wrist unit. “I have to be somewhere.”

“Is there a someone?”

Her gaze met his. “No.”

Beautiful and unattached. The gods were smiling on him today. “I hate drinking alone.”

“I’m leaving port in a few hours.”

Had he found his dream girl only to lose her? “I’ll settle for one of those hours.”

He had to find out as much about her as possible, at least her name and link number. Maybe she’d be willing to get together during his next leave. “Your friends called you captain.”

“My crew,” she corrected.

“What are you flying?”

The sexy captain took another sip and handed him the glass. Davis ached to lick the rich rum off her lips.

“A Raven.”

“You run cargo?” he asked, lifting the glass to his lips. He downed the contents.

“I’m a scavenger.”

Davis nearly choked on the rum.

SPACEPORT VOLUME 1 – Four great stories in one box set.

Available now at Changeling Press



  1. Veronique says:

    Lol, he has his hands full.

  2. Tawania says:

    Another good excerpt!

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