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Guardian – Mythology, Magic and Flying Horses with ‘Tude!


Nuria, Warrior Monad Third Level is a protector of the magical realm. She occasionally works with guardian angels when the human realm is in danger. When Nuria is called to help a guardian save a human woman from a demon, she isn’t prepared for the woman to turn on them and send the guardian to the Elysian Fields for all eternity.

Now Nuria’s on the hot seat with the gods of Olympus, and to earn her way out of trouble she’s been given a task. It appears there may be a plot to take over Olympus, and the gods suspect a human named Ian Lavelle is at the heart of it.

So they send Nuria to Earth to find, question, and destroy the sexy and elusive Ian. There’s only one problem… Ian Lavelle is much more than he seems. And there’s a very good chance he may just be too hot for Nuria to handle!


“What a wonderful read for Paranormal fans! The author brought to life wonderful characters like Zeus and creatures that were intriguing. Guardian was a great book, and I highly recommend it.”

~ Lynne T – Bitten by Books

Ian dragged me through the guards at the door, very odd feeling that, and down the steps of the tree house to the ground far below. I started to turn toward the gate but he pulled me back. “This way.”

I glared at him. “Have you lost your mind? Why would we go to the palace? Tana wants you deader than I do.”

He stopped, turning toward me and yanking me up against his warm, hard body. “You want me dead?”

I scowled at him, “Only occasionally.”

He leaned down before I knew what he was doing and covered my lips with his. A whirlwind of sensation flowed through me from the touch of his skin against mine and I gasped under its onslaught, trying to pull away. But his arms were iron bands around my body and I wasn’t going anywhere.

I decided I might as well enjoy it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, pulling the intoxicating musk of his breath into my body and rolling it around on my tongue like the finest ambrosia. His hands swept up my back and tangled in my hair. His body ground into me with urgent need. His lips left mine and he growled. “We’ll finish this later. I need to get to Tana.”

He turned and strode toward the Palace. I stood there, slightly dazed by the intensity of the kiss, and then started after him. I wasn’t sure why he was so bent on getting to the woman who wanted to kill him but I figured he might need me to save him from the noose. And I still had a lot of damn questions to ask. So I took off after him.

I glanced around as a door slammed shut behind me, followed by a strident voice lifted in anger. Etta was being led out of the tree dwelling where we’d been ensconced and toward the caves. She wasn’t happy about it. She was nearly shrieking with rage, but her captors were turning a deaf ear to her. Probably literally at that point. I was sure their auditory senses had shut down in self defense. But I figured they were more afraid of their queen than they were of one, tiny, pissed off guardian angel. I couldn’t say I blamed them. I’d have to remember to warn the Watcher so he could get her released.

I grinned. After Ian and I were safely away.

We walked right past a full complement of guards on the steps of the palace and down a long, marble hallway, toward a tall set of gold doors at the end. The two guards at the door, armed with crossbows and swords, were discussing the women they’d had the night before as we walked through…I mean literally through, the golden doors and into Queen Tana’s rooms.

She was standing before a roaring fire, staring into its depths. Suddenly she stiffened and turned, starting directly at us. “Ian? Show yourself.”

Ian suddenly disappeared from the layer and reappeared in the room with the faery queen. Stuck in the deep travel layer by myself, I panicked. Then I realized I could probably extricate myself in the same way I usually did, when I’d been traveling in an alternate layer. A second later I was in the room with them, much to the queen’s surprise.

“Why is she with you?”

Ian shrugged. “She seems very fond of me. She’s always throwing herself at me.” He grinned in my direction and I scowled.

“Your highness.” I bowed. “I have been sent by the Council of the Gods to fetch this human and get some answers from him. I won’t leave his side until I get those answers.”

Ian’s grin widened. “Interesting.”

I ignored him. Queen Tana stared hard at me for a moment and then nodded. “I have spoken to the Watcher. He assured me of the same. But I too have business with Ian Lavelle. Your business must await mine.”

I opened my mouth to argue but Ian’s voice stopped me. “We haven’t much time, Tana. I have been away for too long. They’ve been suspicious of me since I refused to bring them here.”

She nodded, turning back to the fire. I opened my mouth again…

“I feared as much. Have you learned who in my kingdom betrays me?”

Ian put a hand up to still me. “Not yet. But I’m getting close. Very close.”

I watched his nose to see if it grew visibly from this whopper.

Tana handed him a small cloth bag, tied at the top with faery twine. “I’ve filled this with the altered dust. That is the last of my special mix.”

Ian nodded. “Shall we communicate in the normal fashion then?”

Tana threw me a speculative glance and turned to Ian, her startlingly beautiful eyes filled with communication I couldn’t decipher. He returned her gaze and I felt a subtle change in the air that told me I was outnumbered and soon to be outmaneuvered.

Tana’s next words confirmed this. “The Monad must not be allowed to interfere.”

Ian threw me a speculative glance and frowned. He opened his mouth but didn’t get a chance to say whatever had been on his mind. I leapt on him, the weight of my body and the element of surprise bringing him to the ground beneath me.

His mouth came open in a grunt as he hit the floor hard with me on top and I quickly emptied the contents of the vial the Watcher had given me down his throat.

He choked and sputtered and spewed some of the contents back into my face. But I saw his throat working convulsively and I knew some of it had gone down.

Suddenly a blinding light encompassed us and invisible bands of steel wrapped themselves around me and yanked me away from Ian, dragging me upright to dangle in the air above him, twisting painfully.

I jerked against the bonds that held me. To no avail. Queen Tana’s power was legendary and she’d had thousands of years to hone it to perfection.

Ian pulled himself off the floor, wiping a hand across his lips. He strode toward me, anger riding his dark features. I forced myself not to flinch as he brought his face within an inch of mine. I could feel the anger rolling off him in waves.

“What did you give me, Monad?”

I smiled, at last I had the upper hand. Though to look at me, arms locked against my body with invisible power bands and hanging helpless in the air, it might be hard to see it. I figured it was all a matter of perspective.

“Binding potion. If you leave my side you’ll suffer excruciating pain.”

Ian stared hard into my eyes for several beats and then turned to Tana. She shook her beautiful head in disgust. “You have no idea what you’ve done, Monad. Stupid, stupid spirit.”

“Then tell me.”

Ian walked away from me to pace the room. “I have to return today or all will be lost.”

“Mayhaps we should just kill her.”

Oh boy. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The potion has bound him inextricably to me. He needs me now. He’ll descend slowly into madness if I’m killed.” I didn’t know at all if this was true. But I thought it sounded good. And I really didn’t want him to test the theory.

Ian swore and the intensity of his pacing increased. Finally he looked up at the faery queen. “I’ll have to take her back with me.”

I smiled smugly.

Tana’s jeweled gaze widened. “How? You can’t just add her to the group. You know how suspicious they are. They’ll kill you and disband.”

Ian swore again and resumed pacing. “I don’t see any way around it. If what she says is true I’ll be next to useless. Maybe I can keep her in the deep travel layer so they don’t know she’s there.”

I frowned, not liking that option at all, but I wisely chose to keep my mouth shut. I’d fight that battle later, when I wasn’t outnumbered.

The air before the queen shimmered and her gaze flew to Ian. “The Watcher comes. Go now!”

Suddenly the invisible bands around my body dropped away and I hit the floor, hard, falling to my knees. Ian grabbed my hand and threw faery dust over our heads, and we were off.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    HI Sam,
    I have not read this series, yet but am looking forward to it. I love the world building and magical characters you create.

    • samcheever says:

      Thanks so much, Suzanne! I love writing new worlds. I guess my mind is just weird and always needs new outlets. LOL Sam Avatar Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog | About.Me | Amazon Author Page USA TODAY Best Selling Author Sam Cheever Magic, Adventure, Love on the Run “Ms. Cheever writes with class, humor and lots of fun while weaving an excellent story.” The Romance Studio

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