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Guardian – Intrigue, Danger and Mythological Mayhem Galore!


Nuria, Warrior Monad Third Level is a protector of the magical realm. She occasionally works with guardian angels when the human realm is in danger. When Nuria is called to help a guardian save a human woman from a demon, she isn’t prepared for the woman to turn on them and send the guardian to the Elysian Fields for all eternity.

Now Nuria’s on the hot seat with the gods of Olympus, and to earn her way out of trouble she’s been given a task. It appears there may be a plot to take over Olympus, and the gods suspect a human named Ian Lavelle is at the heart of it.

So they send Nuria to Earth to find, question, and destroy the sexy and elusive Ian. There’s only one problem… Ian Lavelle is much more than he seems. And there’s a very good chance he may just be too hot for Nuria to handle!


“What a wonderful read for Paranormal fans! The author brought to life wonderful characters like Zeus and creatures that were intriguing. Guardian was a great book, and I highly recommend it.”

~ Lynne T – Bitten by Books

We entered a large cavern that was so dark I couldn’t even see Ian a few inches in front of me. I reached out and felt for him. When my fingers touched smooth, warm skin I slid them down until they encountered the rough waist of his faery breeches. I tucked my fingers inside so I wouldn’t lose him.

“This really isn’t the place or time, Monad,” he murmured huskily, “but I’m game if you are.”

“Shut up.”

The air in the cavern was thick with the putrid harpy stench. I slammed my lips shut in regret as soon as I’d spoken. I could almost feel the smell as a coating on my tongue. My gag reflex kicked in but I fought it back.

It’s just odor. I told myself. It can’t really be crawling into my nose, my lips, my eyes. But it was so heavy in the air it felt as if it were alive. I wanted to ask Ian about it, but I was reluctant to open my mouth again.

Ian’s body jerked to a stop suddenly and I slammed into him. It wasn’t an altogether horrible experience.

He cursed softly and began fumbling in his breeches for something. Finally a soft click preceded a small illumination on the ground in front of us. We looked down and saw a huge skull on the ground at our feet. The fangs jutting out from the skull were easily six inches long and curved together at the sides of a wide jaw. It looked like it had been a gargoyle.

Ian stepped over the thing and kept the small, beamstick focused on the ground as we walked. It was a good thing he’d pulled it out. The ground in the cavern was a veritable minefield of bones and rotting parts.

Well, at least that explained the stench.

Finally, I couldn’t help myself. I had to talk. “Did you come in this way?”

Ian’s body swayed as he shook his head. “I came in at the other end of the wood. But this is closer to Tana’s kingdom. I’m getting short on time and decided it was worth the risk.”

I frowned. “Short on time? For what?”

He stopped suddenly. “Did you hear that?”

I listened, casting my eyes blindly around as I strained to hear what he thought he’d heard.

“I don’t hear anything.”

After a few beats he started walking again. I followed in silence for a while and then commented. “This seems like a lot of carnage for two harpies doesn’t it?”

He stiffened and stopped again.

That time I heard it too. It was a small shifting sound. Like claws against rock. A tiny breeze swept over us, thick with the stench of harpy. And a whisper of sound followed it.


Ian lifted the tiny beam of light toward the ceiling of the cavern and, at first, I thought the ceiling was alive. It appeared to be filled with roiling purple shadows that shifted smoothly against the light of Ian’s beamstick. But then the small circle of light halted on something that was definitely a face.

Or at least it was the eyes of a face, but its bottom half appeared to be all jagged, deadly looking teeth.

A soft warbling sound filled the air and the ceiling roiled in a wavelike fashion as what looked like thousands of harpies shifted into movement. Then one of them detached herself from the rock and hung above us, her nearly black wings stretching to their full width and her talons curving in anticipation. She looked huge, at least fifteen feet long. She threw back her head and screeched.

The place exploded into sound.

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