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Dragonfire Heroines – Zira of Captured – B.J. McCall

Today I want to introduce you to the heroines of my Dragonfire series. If dragonshifters existed in current times, they would have the challenge of living within their clan social structure while conforming to the human world.



Meet Zira, the dragonshifter heroine of Dragonfire 1: Captured.

Zira finds herself in the worst possible situation, imprisoned in a foreign country in a high-tech aviary. From her prison she can see the Fire Mountains and she knows her family will be searching for her, but Zira isn’t a wait-to-be-saved kind of woman.

She realizes the key to her escape lies with her hunky, human keeper, Laros.

Sweat trickling down his back, Laros gripped the cattle prod and approached the scaled creature. Measuring twenty feet from its large head to the tip of its tail, the size of it was staggering. Its legs were thick and its big feet were tipped with lethal looking talons. When one glittering tawny eye popped opened, Laros jumped back.

His heart pounded and sweat trickled down his back.

He’d heard many tales about the dragons of the cloud-shrouded peaks of the Fire Mountains. Some said the dragons had magical powers while others denied the claim. Laros just wanted the damn thing to fly. Then the Master would reward him.

Laros hadn’t been given a reward in a long time. Too damn long.

If the creature didn’t fly, Protector Targus would punish him. Gritting his teeth, Laros strode up to the beast. “Dragon, the Protector wants to see you fly.”

The creature blew smoke around Laros’ legs.

He raised the cattle prod. “Don’t make me use this.”

“Touch me with that thing and I’ll fry you.”

Laros gasped, his eyes darting around for the source of the voice.

The dragon’s lips moved. “Toss it away.”

Stunned, Laros stared at the creature. His heart raced, the acid taste of fear rising from his belly to his throat. It wasn’t possible. Not only had the dragon talked, it had spoken his language.

The dragon raised its horned head and looked at him. Its eyes were bright and its mouth wide. “Are you deaf?”

At the sight of the dragon’s large teeth, Laros swallowed the hard lump in his throat. He coughed and hoped the dragon didn’t see his trembling knees. “I didn’t know dragons could talk.”

The dragon snorted, blowing smoke in Laros’ face. “But can humans comprehend?”

“I understand you,” Laros said, surprised by the dragon’s deep, but pleasant sounding voice.

“Let’s try again. Toss the prod or fry.”

Laros chucked the cattle prod. It landed about ten feet away.


Captured is available at Changeling Press, Amazon, ARe and B&N




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  1. Veronique Cummings says:

    Looks good, can’t wait to read how laros made out lol

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