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Dragonfire Heroines – Livia of Covenant – B.J. McCall

Meet Livia the heroine of Dragonfire 4: Covenant.

Livia has loved Byrne from afar for years. She doesn’t want to be forced upon him, but her family and her clan have made it impossible to defy the council’s order. She learns that Byrne is throwing a blowout party to celebrate his last night of freedom. Resenting being a pawn in a game she doesn’t understand, Livia is determined to have the dragon she wants. With seduction in mind and nothing to lose, she’s attends Byrne’s party. Livia has one night to get what she wants, her way.


Adult Excerpt

He walked up to her. “I’m Byrne,” he said, running his hand along her neck. A wave of shivering scales followed his caress. “What’s your name, my dragon beauty?”

His question jerked Livia back to the reality of the situation. Byrne had no idea who she was. She was a stranger, a passing sexual encounter. She pondered telling him the truth, but having him without the mantle of clan or class was too delicious to pass up.

She gave him her nickname. “Via.”

“Pretty name. Your clan?”

She wasn’t about to admit she was a Hazac. Avoiding his question, Livia lowered her head and nuzzled his belly. His hot male scent filled her nostrils and fired her senses. Maybe he didn’t think or believe or want to be her mate, but in her heart Livia knew he was the only dragon for her.

He rubbed the sensitive scales between her ears. “You’re not of the Nordrath clan. You’re so beautiful, and your scent so alluring, I’d remember meeting you.”

 Beautiful? Alluring? She must be dreaming.

“Perhaps you’re from one of the Eastern clans?”

Livia had to distract him. She licked his lower belly. His skin was smooth, slightly salty.

He gasped. “Dragon’s teeth!”

She’d never done that before. Intimate acts while in opposite form were usually performed between mates, not with strangers.

“Touch me, Via.”

She wanted to do far more than just touch him. She wanted to lick him from head to toe and curl her long dragon’s tongue around his cock. The urge was so strong, she puffed smoke. What would he do if she broke the dragon social codes? Byrne was soon to be her mate, but he didn’t know it. “Don’t tempt me.”

Byrne rubbed his hand along her neck. “I want to tempt you, Via.”

Livia stepped back and shifted. Her shift wasn’t as quick as Byrne’s change, but the speed with which her body reformed to human surprised her. She stood before him, naked and waiting for his reaction.

His gaze raked over her. “You’re something, Via. You heat my blood.”

Livia’s heart thundered as he walked up to her and cupped her face. His palms were hot.

“I liked the way you touched me, Via.” His voice was husky and heat poured off his skin.

“Do you always live so dangerously?”

“Are you always so cautious?”

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