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Sphinx Transformed By Christine Murphy – Another Excerpt


Cross the dimensions and dive into the death defying battles and triumphs of the Sphinx Warriors where Joshua and Alexandria fight for their lives, their love, and the incredible friends and family they cherish. They will pit their enhanced skills against the darkest of enemies and together will transform into a force stronger than the darkness trying to destroy their World.

Summary: Alexandria is kidnapped by the enemy but Joshua will stop at nothing to bring her back where she belongs – with him. With Joshua’s gentle support,Alexandria will find a way to heal herself and finally be with the one Warrior she truly loves. Their passion and combined Powers will Transform them into an unstoppable team in the fight against the Wraith.

Please enjoy the following sneak peak of the third novel now available book  in The Sphinx Warriors Series – Sphinx Transformed.


Perhaps not revealing his true condition to her was a big mistake. Realizing he might have just infuriated the darkness within her, all he could do was lift his hands and try to supplicate her. The action didn’t make it any better. There didn’t appear to be anything he could do to calm her so he stood there unmoving and waiting while she shrieked at him. She quieted for just a moment – and then attacked him.

Alexandria was a lot stronger than she looked. One second he was standing before her and the next he was flat on his back on the cell floor with her on top of him, her nails imbedded in his shoulders. He kept his arms out to his sides hoping it wouldn’t aggravate her further. Not that he was the biggest of the aggravations. Jenny was screaming outside the door for help and Warren was cursing up a storm. But at least the man had enough common sense to go to the communications panel. Which wasn’t what Joshua wanted. He didn’t want anyone else to elevate the situation any more than it was.

Besides, Alexandria wasn’t harming him other than the stinging of her nails. Even with her lunging for him with a wicked expression on her face, there wasn’t an instant when he had feared her. Currently, he was quite happy with her sprawled across his body. He thought perhaps he really had lost his sense and was just enjoying the masochism. Or it could be he was just enjoying being pressed up against her with her hips tightly straddled over his. Her luscious breasts were pressed up against his chest and he could feel her nipples tighten through the thin fabric of their clothes.

The shouting and chaos outside the cell door faded away from his consciousness when he felt Alexandria’s breath whisper against his ear in little puffs. A hot flash of energy suddenly ran all the way down his spine and through the center of his body to settle at the base of his cock. That fast and she had fired up not only his body but his Life Power. Joshua heard Alexandria’s breath hitch in her throat. Her nails eased up out of his skin but she still kept a firm grip on his shoulders.   He felt her shift just a bit and then she was full on rubbing her core against him.

“By the Ancients, Lexi.” He groaned. Hoping he wouldn’t incite any damage, he reached for her hips and tried to stop the enticing movements and what she was doing to him. Not that he really wanted her to stop, but he wanted Alexandria fully with him when they came together. And he knew now that he really did want to come apart with her more than anything. But not now, not here.

Joshua squeezed harder on her hips and she moaned in his ear. She fisted the collar of his shirt in her hand and the next thing he knew, she had shredded half of it off of his shoulder. He had to get control of the situation now. “Alexandria, you have to stop.”

Evidently not inclined to listen to him, she nipped and licked along the column of his throat and then across his collar bone to his shoulder. The hand she wasn’t using to brace herself above him wandered down his chest, over his stomach, and down across his erection. Growling in her ear, he captured her naughty hand entrapping it. He moved her wandering hand back up his body and held it against his chest. She purred and he felt her teeth graze his shoulder.



I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into SPHINX TRANSFORMED the third novel of The Sphinx Warriors Series – there will be more!!

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