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Purple or Not, The Prose They’re Writing Sizzles!


Forget being creatively blocked. Forget being purple. They just want to survive the process of writing the book!

When she hits the writer’s block of all writer’s blocks, Lindsey Prince thinks her muse has abandoned her. But she opens her door one day to find a gorgeous new one standing there, “anxious” to help her finish her current project. There’s only one problem… her new muse, Zahn, has been turned purple by Calliope, Chief of the Muses, for indulging in Purple Prose. Unfortunately, his fate rests on Lindsey submitting a purple prose free manuscript to her editor. No pressure there.

To make matters worse, Zahn apparently has a powerful and cranky ex-girlfriend who isn’t all that thrilled by the growing attraction between Lindsey and Zahn. She’ll do anything to stop Lindsey from submitting that manuscript. Anything. Based on the extremely heated “research” she and Zahn have been indulging in, Lindsey knows her sexy IR story will sizzle. She only needs to live through the process of writing it.

No easy task, that.

Fallen Angels gives Purple Prose 5 Angels!

“I grinned my way through Purple Prose – it truly is a laugh-a-minute read. Hilarious situations, witty dialogue, a parrot that adds his own commentary, and two very likeable lead characters make this a book to remember.”

~ Maija, Fallen Angel Reviews


We sat silently for a few minutes, watching the fountain. I laid my head on his chest and Zahn rubbed my back in, what I interpreted initially as, a soothing gesture. But he’d awakened too many feelings in me for it to stay that way.

The rubbing soon started to feel like a caress. His hand moving on my back was creating a whirlwind of sensory feeling that spiraled downward and found a home at the juncture of my thighs. I squirmed in his lap as the pressure built, and my nipples hardened, poking his chest through the thin silk of my camisole sleep top.

Zahn shifted, bringing hard evidence of his arousal to my hip. I looked up and his lips fell to mine, consuming me in a kiss with near desperate overtones. I moaned and turned in his lap so my breasts were crushed against his naked chest. My hands tangled in his soft black hair.

The morning’s heat built quickly into an inferno between us. I moved my mouth ravenously over his lips, feeling as if I couldn’t get close enough to him, couldn’t draw enough of his scent, his taste, into me.

Zahn groaned and stood up, carrying me with him. He laid me on the thick grass beside the fountain, and with a look, extinguished the spot light over the door to the house. He quickly pulled off his silky boxers. His cock sprang free, bobbing heavily in the early morning light. I licked my lips with anticipation.

Zahn started to lie down beside me but I sat up quickly, reaching for him instead. I hungrily closed my lips over his cock. He growled low in his throat and lowered his head, weaving strong fingers in the tangled mass of my morning hair.

I pulled him deep, straining to get all of him into the warm cave of my eager mouth, and then, tightening my lips, allowed him to slide slowly back out. I increased the pressure with every slide of his hard flesh, until Zahn started to tremble in an effort to retain control.

As I milked him slowly in and out of my mouth, my hand gently kneaded the big warm sac beneath his cock. I ran one finger up and down the seam between his anus and his balls, pressing gently as I stroked.

Zahn was vibrating with building pleasure. Once or twice, his knees started to buckle beneath him. Finally he grabbed my head and pulled himself gently out of my mouth. “I need you now!”

He reached down and pulled my cami off over my head, sweeping my silk boxers off with the other hand, and lowered himself onto me like a starving man at a Vegas buffet. I lay back, reveling in the cool, silky feel of the thick grass against my overheated body, and arched to meet him as he plunged into me.


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