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Nightglow by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2

The old vampires of the Cemetery remember when their kind were respected, allowed to own property and free to mingle with humans. But this was before the global economic collapse. Things got bad and stayed bad. As the decades of depression passed the relationship between vampires and humans deteriorated. Humans sold their blood to vampires and the fanged population exploded. Humans turned against the vampires and the Dead Souls Agency was formed to enforce the vampire laws.

The stories of the Cemetery vampires are told in my Forever series: Eternity Factor, Night Sins and Nightglow. Forever is an erotic romance series.


Cate wants what Nightglow prevents, up close and personal with a vampire.

Nightglow is about to be introduced to the world. Dunn wants freedom for his kind and he’s willing to walk the runway once again, wearing the heat sensitive, ultraviolet jewelry that makes physical contact with humans too hot to handle.

The mayor wants Nightglow to put the city back on the map. Acting as the city’s liaison, it’s Cate Auburn’s job to make the premiere of Nightglow a success. There’s only one hitch. Drop-undead-gorgeous Dunn is drawing her to the dark side. She’s never had a vampire lover, but her life is about to take a dramatic turn.

Cate is lush, hot and pulsing with everything Dunn wants. Loving her comes easy. Forever is difficult.


“Do I frighten you?”

“Unsettled would be a fair description. I didn’t expect you to be handsome.”

“Your honesty is refreshing. People have a tendency to act brave, but their sweat and accelerated heartbeat give them away.”

She removed the towel from around his neck and soaked it again. After she wrung it out, she gently placed it against his skin. Her gaze locked with his.

“My heart is thundering. What does that tell you?”

Her eyes were blazing and her cheeks were flushed. “Your blood is rushing in excitement, not fear. Frankly, Miss Auburn, I’m the frightened one.”

Her gaze slid slowly over his bare chest. “I’m hardly a threat to you.”

He placed the tip of his finger beneath her chin and raised her face toward his. “Kissing a human is against the law.”

She placed her palms on his chest. “It’s a serious offense.”

Would she push him away or draw him closer?

Her fingers slid over his chest, brands of fire on his cold skin. “I’ve never broken a vampire law.”

“A costly fine for you,” he said. “Hard labor for me.”

She slid her palms up his chest to his shoulders and moved so close the heat of her body penetrated the fabric of her suit. “Only if we’re caught.”

Dunn removed the wet towels and tossed them into the sink. He reached out. When she didn’t back away, he gathered her into his arms. Slanting his head, Dunn touched his lips to hers.

He kept the contact light, giving her the chance to change her mind and move away. He was playing with fire. If she screamed, he’d be condemned on the spot and sentenced to hard labor deep in a government-owned mine.

Was one kiss worth it? Was she worth it?

He lifted his head, just enough to speak. “Are you playing with me, Cate?”


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