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Legally Bound Extract – McCoy

LB McCoy Extract

Ted shot to his feet and growled. The door opened, and another cop stepped in before he could get a word out. It was Lance McCoy. He had done a search on the guy as soon as Rafael had fingered him.

“Listen, let’s play this straight. There’s no reason for games.” McCoy smoothed his tie as he sat. Nodding at the other two officers, Ted then left the room

“I have nothing to say to you,” the lawyer in Daniel countered.

McCoy scooted his chair closer, leaning his elbows on the table. “You have a clean record. I don’t blame you at all for exploring some kink, but this guy you were picked up with has a record, as you know.” He folded his hands, and the way he was sitting made the large muscles in his arms show through his dress shirt. “This guy is into some bad stuff. I’m sure he’s lied to you about it, but he and I go way back. You shouldn’t have to go down with him. I’m sure we can get you a good deal with nothing on your record if you roll over and give up something to get this guy off the street. Danny…”

Daniel burst out laughing, interrupting him. When he got himself together, he nodded. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing.”

“Are you high, Sir?” McCoy asked.

“No, but I do find this all very funny. Rafael is my boyfriend and my Dominant. We weren’t doing anything illegal.” Daniel glanced at his nails, knowing his chilly attitude was pissing the cop off. “I’m a lawyer, his lawyer. I know my rights.” Suddenly, it all clicked. He had to talk to Jesse while the idea was still fresh in his mind. Where was a pen when he needed one?

“He’s a known prostitute. If you think I’ll believe he’s your boyfriend…” McCoy’s eyes were red.

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