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DEJA VU G-Excerpt #3 mystery romantic/suspense

DEJA VU  mystery romantic/suspense by Samantha Gentry

DEJA VU cover


Then the image exploded in her mind again. The mud sliding toward her, the out of focus face, the skull, and finally the skeletons—this time more vivid than any of the previous assaults on her senses. A cold shudder moved up her spine, followed by a lump in her throat and a churning in the pit of her stomach. She hugged her shoulders in an attempt to fend off the shivers, but not from the cold. Her insides trembled to the point where she felt as if she had no control over her own body. Even though she still didn’t understand the message trying to get through to her, this time the vision truly frightened her on both a physical and emotional level.  

This time it felt very real…and very personal.  

She tried to shake off the uncomfortable feelings, but without much success. Then a new sensation hit her, an eerie awareness of someone watching her. Someone obscured by the fog. Someone laying in wait. Someone wanting to harm her? The possibility sent a hard jolt of fear racing through her veins. It played on her already tautly stretched nerves. A genuine sense of alarm welled inside her. She fought the desire to run blindly down the road. But toward what? And away from whom? One thing loomed abundantly clear…she needed to move on, to get away from this spot that radiated a feeling bordering on evil.  

Lexi hurried down the road toward the mansion as she fought against the almost uncontrollable urge to continually glance over her shoulder. The panic built, layer upon layer. The danger close on her heels, almost as if it could reach out and grab her. Only the paved road under her feet offered any comfort or relief from the overwhelming sensation. The large Victorian mansion became visible through the fog, but would it provide a sanctuary? A safe haven?

DEJA VU by Samantha Gentry is available in ebook and print from the Crimson Rose line of romantic mystery/suspense at The Wild Rose Press.   More excerpts and reviews available on my website

BLURB:     When Alexandra Caldwell is hired by a reclusive author to research the thirty-year-old disappearance of a big name newspaper tycoon and his wife, she wasn’t sure what she would discover. As she embarks on this project, she finds herself in the middle of a series of frightening events and an unexpected attraction to Gable Talbot, the current owner of Skull Island where the disappearances occurred…a man with a magnetic sex appeal and a past as mysterious as the case she’s researching. Will she be able to do the job she was hired for, or has she stumbled too close to the truth?


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