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A hot shapeshifter is her only hope MILDLY HOT EXCERPT

Cover for Love, Meow

Here’s a sneak peak at my short cat-shifter story, One Hot Cat, coming soon from Jupiter Gardens Press in the Love, Meow anthology. 



When Paige opens her mail to discover naked photos she did not willingly pose for and a blackmail letter, she turns to her hot new neighbor, a detective, for help. If he finds her missing brother, she can pay back the scumbag who’s threatening her. Nathan agrees, only because Paige is connected to the man he’s trying to locate and he needs her information. As they track down her brother and a missing man with a gambling problem, passion flares between Paige and Nathan. Neither of them are ready for a relationship, but their bodies disagree and the two enjoy a lustful encounter. Though Nathan does not want to reveal his shape shifter identity, his temper gets the best of him and Paige discovers his true self. Can they work past the obstacles in their path and find their way to love?


Nathan threw his mail on the counter and tried to mentally erase those explicit pictures he’d seen of his neighbor.. He’d only caught a glimpse but it was her face, her perky tits, her tight little ass in the photos, he was certain.  It was no  use, the images would not go away. She was hot enough with clothes on, but seeing her naked had given him a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. Thankfully, she’d been too distracted downstairs to notice his state of arousal. At least he hoped she hadn’t.

No women, no sex. He was in Lyndville  to do a job, then get out. Find Karl, take him back to Phoenix, end of story.

He paced the small apartment, already regretting his decision not to rent something larger, but renting a house seemed extravagant. It almost gave him permission to linger. A furnished apartment was the perfect living arrangement and one he often used when he traveled out of town on longer assignments. Though he hoped to find Karl quickly and get out, he knew the job could take several weeks.

Lately, small spaces were stifling. He felt caged. He needed to shift and hunt. There was a wooded area, not far from here that looked promising but right now, he had to wait for a phone call. Picking up speed, he continued to walk, until he could stand it no more.

Screw waiting. Between his inflamed sexual desire and lack of exercise, he couldn’t stay indoors one more minute. He’d seen a roof access ladder and had yet to explore. Now would be a perfect time. His cell phone could probably receive a signal up there. It would be good to scope out the area from that height anyway.

As soon as he stepped on the roof, the sun and gentle wind touched his skin and a layer of stress dropped away. Much better. It was still warm this early in September and here in the Midwest, the days were often perfect. This was one of them.

There was not a lot to see on top of the roof. Someone had taken two plastic chairs and… Oh hell! There was Hot Neighbor Lady, sitting in one, her elbows on her knees with her chin in her hands. The wind wafted by just then, carrying her scent to him. It was deliciously spicy, like cinnamon with just a hint of woman sweat, but he also caught the smell of fear.

It would be a really bad idea to sit next to her. Bad, bad, bad. Anyway, she thought he was a cat kicker. Chances were good she wouldn’t want him within ten feet of her. He started to back away and ran into a board that clattered to the ground with a crash.

She whirled to face him, then quickly wiped the back of her hand over her cheeks. Great. She was crying. The bad idea had just gotten worse.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to intrude.”

She shrugged.

“It’s a public roof.”

They stared at each other for a moment. The situation couldn’t get any more awkward, he decided. Might as well check out the view.

He moved towards her. “May I sit here?” he asked, gesturing to the other chair.

She pushed it his direction with her toe. “I suppose.” She sniffed.

Crying women weren’t his specialty. He could shoot a problem with his pistol, punch it with his fist, provide muscle, sex and occasionally a decent meal, but comfort was out of his realm. Big cat shifters, especially lions, weren’t known for their cuddly disposition, unlike their relatives, the domestic cat.

“I’m Nathan.” He held his hand out to her and after staring at it for a moment, she took it.

“Paige.” Her grip was firm and like her scent, the feel of her skin made his body tingle. “I’m sorry again about Fido. She’s usually not that clingy with strangers.”

“Cats like me. Are you okay?”

Don’t. Don’t talk to her. Don’t get involved, don’t get personal. Talk about the weather.

“I’m having a rough spot. It’ll pass.”

Good. She was not going to tell him her troubles. At least one of them had a bit of discretion. His seemed to have flown away like the autumn leaves dancing on the ground below.

“Welcome to the neighborhood. What are you doing in Lyndville?” she asked.

“Looking for someone.”

“In all the wrong the places?” A hint of a smile tipped one corner of her mouth. Cute mouth, more so when she smiled.

“Not like that. I’m a detective. I’m hunting down a guy with a gambling problem.”

Her eyes opened wide and almost against his will he looked into them. They were dark green with long lashes and he had a sudden desire to see them half-closed as she looked up at him while he…

Nathan turned away from her to check out the view. Lyndville was a nice change of pace from Phoenix. People were friendly, the air smelled good and the pace of life was slower. In the few days he’d been there, he’d slept better than he ever did back home. The trees were just starting to lose their leaves and there were delicious scents everywhere.

He needed to hunt, soon.

“I have a problem,” Paige said, bringing his mind back to the present.



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Naomi Bellina

Provocative tales of love, lust, passion and magic


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