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Tasty Bites 3 by B.J. McCall

Voltaire wrote – These vampires were corpses, who went out of their graves at night to suck the blood of the living, either at their throats or stomachs, after which they returned to their cemeteries.

I love vampire books and have written two vampire series for Changeling Press, Vazan Vampires and Forever. Meet the vampires of the Cemetery in my Forever vampire series. 

Tasty Bites excerpt three is from NIGHT SINS, the second book in my FOREVER vampire series.

Harper has sworn to enforce the vampire laws, not break them. An affair with a vampire is reckless. Falling in love is crazy stupid. Egan is irresistible.


Fear mingled with pleasure. How was it possible to enjoy the touch of his dead lips?

He stroked, sucked and kissed. Her body turned traitor, responding to the vampire’s lips, mouth and tongue. Damn.


“Did your compliments work on women a few centuries ago, or did you have to tie them up as well?”

He raised his head and looked her in the eye. “Not into foreplay?”

Harper expected the vampire to go for her throat, but he stripped off his shirt. His skin was pale and smooth. His shoulders were broad and his arms were sculpted with muscle. After slipping out of his shoes, he took off his pants. His hips were lean and his legs long and muscular. He reminded Harper of the white marble statues displayed in the big museum downtown, except what hung between his legs was fully erect, dispelling the thought he’d taken off his clothes to keep them clean and the only thing he wanted was her blood.

Harper stiffened, her muscles clenching. Instead of grabbing her and slamming her back against the wall, the vampire kissed her. His lips moved over hers, gently, but he was wise not to put his tongue in her mouth. He might have fangs, but she had teeth.

He pressed kisses along the column of her neck. Heart pounding and muscles quivering, Harper waited for his vicious bite. Images of her throat torn and her blood spilling flashed in her brain. Make it quick.

To her surprise he wrapped his arms around her and drew her tight against him. “You’re so warm, soft and warm.”

Harper’s retort about his cold skin died. She gasped at the pinpricks breaking her skin and cried out, more in fear than in pain. His fangs sank into her flesh.

This was it, how her life would end. Her fellow officers would find her half naked and chained.

Her muscles jerked. Heat shot through her. Her heart slammed against her chest wall.

The vampire stroked her back, calming her. He didn’t rip her skin or tear at her throat. He suckled, gently. Taking his time. Drinking her blood.

Euphoria replaced fear. The furious pounding of her heart subsided. He withdrew his fangs and licked her neck. Weightless and woozy, Harper slumped against the vampire’s chest.




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