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Tasty Bites 2 by B.J. McCall

According to Wikipedia, the Persians were one of the first civilizations to have tales of blood-drinking demons: creatures attempting to drink blood from men were depicted on excavated pottery shards.

 I love vampires and have written two vampire series for Changeling Press. Vazan Vampires – join the adventures of three of the best bounty hunters in the universe. 

Tasty Bite excerpt two is from Hunting Evil, the second story in the Vazan Vampires box set.


Maxim is one of the best hunters in the universe and if he brings an evil shapeshifter to justice the bounty is huge. Maxim can’t trust Zoe, but he needs her to find his quarry.


He scraped a fang along her soft skin, her eyes closed and her pulse fluttered. Whether in fear or desire, Maxim wasn’t sure, didn’t care. He wanted to taste her. Just thinking about her hot blood made him hard.

“Be careful, Sange.”

He met her worried gaze. “My lovers call me Maxim.”


He liked the way she said his name, soft and breathy.

“It’s your turn to learn trust, Zoe. It won’t hurt,” he said, licking the spot he intended to bite. Beneath her pale skin were blue veins, lush with her blood.

Fangs extended with needle sharp tips, Maxim selected one sweet vein. The nip was quick, hot and glorious. Fresh female blood covered his tongue. His body hungered and his senses stirred to life.

Her breathing quickened, fast puffs of air telling Maxim his nip had excited more than it had frightened her. He licked her wounds, sealing the tiny punctures before he was tempted to taste more.

Maxim wrapped his arms around her, splaying a hand on the small of her back and kissed her.

Some were repelled by the taste of their own blood, but she fisted his hair and rubbed her magnificent breasts against his chest. He filled one hand, sensed the blood heating in the veins lacing her soft flesh and deepened the kiss.

She suckled his tongue. His body coiled, every muscle tensed and ready. Her heart pounded, each sweet thump made him ache.




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