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Taking Eve – erotic – excerpt – ADULT

Erotic Contemporary


Paranormal Elements (Reincarnation)

Taking Eve by Tina Donahue



A willing slave to possession, punishment, pleasure…

Dreams of a manor where submission and dominance once ruled draw Faith to hypnotherapist Colin Danes. Potently virile, he looks remarkably like her most cherished master from a past life. Desire smolders in his eyes, proving he’s never forgotten her.

Their carnal dance continues in the present and leads to their past when she was known as Eve. Through hypnotherapy, Colin brings her back to the Victorian era, a hidden estate where she eagerly submits to whatever he and her other noble masters crave.

The exquisite discipline of the strap. Being bid on and mounted each night. Displayed and used for the enjoyment of all.

Most will take her. One will try to imprison her. Only he will be her true master in that life and this.

Inside scoop: Faith’s paranormal journey takes her to a time of debauchery, including many voyeuristic, some male/male encounters. Faith’s past life encounters also contain some reluctant consent situations.

Chapter One Excerpt:

Seattle, Washington—Present Day

The advertisement challenged, Are your dreams so real they seem to have come from another time?

Faith Montgomery gripped the mail circular. Its paper made a sharp, crackling noise, no different from ice snapping.

Frigid wind swept past, delivering more snow. Feverish and unsettled, Faith stood in front of the medical arts building that catered to doctors, nutritionists, shrinks and hypnotherapists. Unlike Seattle’s typical brick or glass structures, this place had a granite facade and steepled ceilings. Similar to a castle where dominance, submission and punishment played out. Where men wore dated clothing while women were nude, defenseless, sighing then crying out their arousal and pleasure.

Her mouth went dry.

From behind, a car’s horn blared, sending her pulse into a faster sprint. Traffic continued to crawl along the slick streets, headlights brushed past, illuminating the building’s directory. Faith didn’t bother to search it. According to the circular, his office was on the second floor. Her appointment was in a few minutes, made earlier in the week by phone. The first time she’d heard his voice and yet not the first time.

“Why do you want an appointment?” he’d asked.

Something inside her had fluttered at his smooth baritone, enticing and strangely familiar, reducing her to silence.

“You’ve seen things,” he’d coaxed. “Felt things.”

God, yeah.

While he’d waited for her response she’d stared at his picture on the glossy flyer.

Several locks of his hair—thick, wavy, the color of espresso—grazed his forehead. His strong, masculine features were handsome as hell, nearly aristocratic. In her mind Faith saw him dressed in eveningwear, the kind worn during the early Victorian era. A coat with tails, snug at the waist to accentuate his impressive shoulders. Dark trousers and a shockingly white cravat. Identical to heroes in romance novels she’d read in high school.

He definitely had those guys beat.

His long-lashed eyes were a striking blue. Even from the picture, they stripped Faith of all privacy, reaching into her soul, the same as the promise of his full, rich mouth. A hint of stubble graced his upper lip, chin and cheeks, virile and tempting. Young, possibly early thirties, he was the kind of man a woman wouldn’t forget.

Faith certainly hadn’t.

“Yeah,” she’d murmured during the call, at last answering him. “I’ve had recurring dreams, flashes of another time.”


Rather than questioning her further, he’d given her the last appointment of the day, well past the time other professionals did business. His office windows were the only ones lit on the second floor, the lights’ golden glow spilling onto the street. Waves of snow, carried by the wind, twinkled like stars within the brightness.

Faith half expected—and fully hoped—he’d be at the window, looking down at her. Watching. Waiting. Anticipating as she was.

He wasn’t.

His absence only stoked her stark need. Clearly he had no doubt she’d keep their appointment. Now as before, he commanded and figured she’d obey.

On an edgy sigh she entered the building. Heated air and the scents of polished wood, leather, wool washed over her. In the absolute quiet she heard each click of her heels across the floor, a dark-green marble veined with white.

Faith avoided slick spots made by others who’d come and gone, tracking in the snow. She should have worn more practical shoes in this weather, pants instead of a skirt, but hadn’t, sensing he wouldn’t have approved.

Like one possessed—or commanded by a Master—Faith climbed the stairs, reaching the second floor. The walls were paneled in polished walnut, which gave them the air of a private club where men called the shots. Their decisions law. Their desires the only rule that counted, no matter what they demanded. A woman’s full surrender to their needs. Having her down on her knees before them, her lips parted for the taste of a thickened cock or to release her whimper of delight at the strap one of them held, eager for him to discipline her.

Lightheaded and breathless, she stared at the hall. His office was at the end, the door open, a wedge of amber light demanding she go inside.

No receptionist greeted her in the snug waiting room. Faith hadn’t expected one, figuring he’d want them to be alone. Exactly what she craved.

She inhaled as deeply as she could. Leather from the burgundy chairs perfumed the small space, claiming it for a man. Beyond the reception area was his office, the door open. He stood at his desk, his attention on a book he read.

Her legs went watery. With indecent curiosity she drank him in, the charcoal sweater and dark trousers that matched the color of his silky hair and fit his powerful frame so well. Broad shoulders. Muscular thighs. She forced down a swallow, knowing there was raw power in his strong hands. She’d dreamed of it, had seen glimpses in her mind.

And would do anything to experience it again.

As though he’d heard her thoughts, he closed his book with a faint snap and looked up.

Time shifted, the past bleeding into the present. Faith forgot to breathe or to step closer, trapped within his potent gaze, overwhelmed with a sense of recognition, irresistible and welcoming.

I know you…you know me.

Unmistakable longing flared in his eyes, the same yearning she felt. Beneath it was a flash of lust.

They had been Master and slave once, lovers born for each other, just as she’d suspected. His direct mailing hadn’t been a fluke but deliberate, to find and coax her here. Not only to help her relive their shameless past but to build upon it in this life.

A new wave of heat surged through her.

“Faith,” he murmured.

Every bone in her body softened at his voice. Commanding yet intimate. An awesome combination. “Dr. Danes.”

He smiled. “Colin.”

“Colin,” she repeated obediently. It fit him well, as Anthony had, his name in their first incarnation. Of course, he already knew as much, and that he’d once called her Eve.

Faith’s heart beat dangerously fast as she waited for him to admit it and claim her again. She wanted nothing more than to melt into his arms, confess how much she’d missed him. To sink at his feet, pressing her face against him as she waited for his command. One that would bring pleasure, discipline then more delight from her Master.

Something passed over his face, another glimpse into his soul to say he knew the extent of her desire.

She sucked in a breath and waited.

He held her gaze for a long moment, then said, “Close the outside door. Please.”

That wasn’t what Faith had expected to hear. Disappointed, but intrigued at him secluding them further, she shut the door and went into his private office, debating what to say. If she should bring up their connection first.

He gestured to a chair nearest his desk. “You can put your things over there.”

Faith lowered her purse to the cushion and removed her long wool coat, a sapphire blue, the same as her silk blouse and his eyes. She draped the garment over the chair’s arm.

Colin studied her. Approvingly, she thought. Possessively. Her skin tingled as he took in her snug black skirt, slit up the left to mid-thigh. With his attention on her sheer black stockings he motioned her toward the leather sofa.

She regarded his long fingers, the blunt tips, imagining him dragging them over her naked skin.

Another wave of longing hit. Dizzy, she sank to the sofa and crossed her legs. Her nipples were tight enough to hurt, the hard peaks undoubtedly obvious beneath her blouse. Her pussy ached with need.

Colin leaned against his desk, hands on the lip of the furniture, long legs crossed at the ankles. He regarded her with a hint of renewed longing. Tempered now.

Why? She liked when their eyes had first met and he hadn’t hidden his feelings. No different from how he’d been in her dreams. Then she’d been nude and bound. Now she wished she were.

Heat crept up Faith’s chest to her throat and cheeks.

He studied them, obviously noting her blush.

Enjoying her arousal?

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    Wow! Loved the excerpt!!

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