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Shadow’s Awakening by Molle McGregor ~ What readers are saying!

MolleMcGregor_ShadowsAwakening_800px-266x400Shadow’s Awakening by Molle McGregor

Hannah Green wants her life back. In the past three years she’s gone from promising graduate student to patient in a mental hospital. Now, she’s being held prisoner by a terrifying group of men who believe she has a mysterious power. She wants to think they’re wrong, but something inside her has changed. If only she could use her ppwer to set herself free.

Conner’s entire life, he’s played by the rules. He’s a soldier. A leader. He knows better than anyone that contact with the Shadows is forbidden. So when a midnight phone call demands he rescue one from a nest of demons, he has no intention of following through. Until he sets eyes on Hannah. Brave, beautiful and determined to survive. Conner can’t walk away.

When you’ve worked so hard to make the right choices, temptation can be a kind of torture. Conner knows he should turn Hannah over to the Shadows. Hannah wants to be grateful for her rescue and let Conner go. But when love and desire bind two strangers together, they have to choose between what they think is right and what they know they need.


“I recommend this book, even if you haven’t read the prequel novella. It’s clear the characters in this novel don’t know about what happened in the prequel. Should be interesting when that information comes to light in the main series!” – Diane

“I loved the prequel and was looking forward to this book (it did not disappoint). I loved Conner, Hannah, Kiernan, Kate and Zach, and was rooting for them throughout the story. It was great to read the book from each characters’ point of view. I was thoroughly engrossed in the story and found it very hard to put down (my husband was not happy with me). The villains were written to perfection (they had me so pissed at them, and cheering on the good guys). I’m already looking forward to the next book!” – Sharon Grieco

“I thoroughly enjoyed this first full-length novel in the Shadow Warder series, and though I wish I could just read about Hannah and Connor for another two books, I’m excited to see how the rest of the series plays out.” – Steph

“I enjoyed the book. A great combination of fantasy and romance. I got an advanced copy from the author and really like how she writes. The non-human characters are described well. You find out early in the book who they are and what they do. It is so well described, you are never lost. The story keeps pulling you along so when the book ends you can’t wait for the next.” – Jill Duranceau

“I am hoping that future books in the series will continue to concentrate on a couple as the main focus – while developing the overall story as well. There is a lot of complexity hinted at in the Shadow/Warder universe, and I would love to see it develop to it’s fullest potential.” – Hildegard Hettinger

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