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Runaway Bride

after careful consideration, I went back to an old cover for the Runaway Bride that most everyone liked. It is more fitting and the girl is definitely the right one for this book. I think you will agree. Runaway Bride is about a rich girl who finds her intended in the rose garden with the best man. Stunned and hurt, Savannah faces Chad with it. Chad admits his relationship but tells her he hasn’t told anyone else and he wasn’t ready to face his parents with his new lifestyle. Savannah is forces to run from the church and she heads out west to an old Aunt she hasn’t seen in a long while. Everything would have been alright, but she took her father’s car, without asking, she didn’t make any explanation for the nuptials and when the law catches up to her she has no ID so the Sheriff has a problem with her.

This fun filled romance of chaos and misunderstandings is a quick read for anyone. But mainly I wanted you show you the cover and ask what you thought of it. Personally, it’s my favorite.

Leave a comment about it so I’ll know what you all think. Runaway46snippet


  1. Colleen C. says:

    It is wonderful… I like the look of this cover.

  2. I love this cover!
    Donna Harris

  3. redameter says:

    Thanks ladies, for a bride, it’s really the best cover I have.

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